Bill Maher Blasts One of the Biggest Problems with Liberals: 'Why We Lose'


Bill Maher may not be a conservative, but at least he hasn’t drunk the far-left Kool-Aid.

The pundit and host of “Real Time” is known for his snark, which can sometimes cross the line from humorous to hopelessly smug.

He’s certainly not a fan of Donald Trump. However, Maher just showed once again that he might be the last bastion of common sense among increasingly out-of-touch liberals.

During his HBO talk show on Friday, Maher called out a glaring problem with the modern left: An almost Puritanical obsession with political correctness.

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The reason liberals keep losing, the host declared, is not because of policy, but because the left seems to be tripping over itself with virtue signaling and faux outrage over the tiniest microaggressions.

“I think people vote, not so much on policy anymore, I don’t think they follow it closely, I think they vote on who’s strong,” Maher proposed.

“They know Trump’s an idiot, but he looks strong, and political correctness — weak,” he went on.

Calling the president an idiot is of course very debatable. After all, he managed to pull off one of the biggest political upsets in history: winning the White House even after Bill Maher and his entire panel laughed off his candidacy.

Do you agree with Maher's point about liberal fragility?

Overlooking that, however, Maher went on to make a fairly solid point.

“Eighty percent of Americans see political correctness as a problem. And I think it’s our problem,” he stated. “And I don’t know why more mainstream liberals don’t denounce the political correctness that they must know in private conversations is insane.”

He’s right: For supposedly being “liberal,” the left sure seems obsessed with opposing free speech and policing or banning unapproved thoughts. It’s all very, well, illiberal.

When asked for an example, Maher went to a recent incident as proof. A few days ago, astronaut Scott Kelly sheepishly apologized for quoting famous Prime Minister Winston Churchill, widely regarded as one of the best leaders in modern history.

“(Kelly) had to issue an apology for that, for quoting Churchill because Churchill I guess Churchill lived by the standards of the 19th Century,” Maher said. “This is the guy who saved us from the Nazis!”

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The fact that a man cannot even quote a famous prime minister — during an attempt to slam Trump, no less! — without being burned at the proverbial stake by liberals seemed to prove Maher’s point.

“This is when the Trump people go, ‘Yes, you people are too fragile to be in control of the government,'” the host explained.

“If you don’t think these purists are doing us harm, I think you’re missing a big point. I think they wake up and say, ‘How can we make our club smaller,’ and then they ask why they lose,” he continued, referring to liberals who obsess over putting people into even-smaller boxes.

“I mean, NPR will not use the term ‘homeless,’ people ‘affected by homelessness,’” Maher said, citing another example of political correctness run rampant.

“I’m saying Trump people, independent people, just normal people not here on the coast hear stuff like that and they go, ‘You know what, I don’t know that much about policy, but you know, this is just too fragile. I can’t let these people in the Oval Office because they’re just too weak,'” he finished.

We feel like needing to put a dollar in a swear jar after saying this, but Bill Maher is right.

The word “snowflake” is probably over-used, but it gets to the heart of what he’s saying. When everyday Americans see liberals clawing at the door to the Supreme Court like zombies, shrieking over a political defeat and running around in genitalia costumes, they see fragility and clownishness.

If the left does not reverse course fast, they’re headed on a one-way trip into irrelevancy. Maher gets it, even if he’s still too proud to completely walk away.

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