Black Bystanders Rescue Cop, Help Detain Man After Arrest Goes Horribly Wrong


It was the kind of moment which could have gotten ugly, when a man resisting arrest fought with a lone police officer and briefly appeared to be overpowering him.

A video which has gone viral on social media since Tuesday shows a white police officer attempting to take a man into custody when he finds himself on the ground and the target of repeated blows to the head.

It’s unclear where or when the video was taken, but even though we don’t know the context of the events leading up to the moments caught on video, it appears to show a potential nightmare being averted:

WARNING: The following video contains violent imagery and vulgar language which some viewers might find disturbing.

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This moment was a near worst-case scenario. It’s an establishment media narrative-buster, that much is certain.

The officer had a gun on his belt, he was tussling with a violent individual, he didn’t appear to have any backup and he suddenly lost control of the situation.

But this cop wasn’t alone — in fact, he had ample help in taking on his assailant.

Do you think the country is truly as divided as it appears to be on social media?

A group of good Samaritans, most of them black, stepped in and restored order by neutralizing the bad guy.

It could be argued that the group responsible for delivering swift street justice took things a bit far, as they continued pummeling the suspect even after he was on the ground, largely motionless.

But the police officer walked away with his life and was able to take the suspect into custody thanks to their actions.

Whatever the officer involved in the scuffle was doing prior to the scuffle obviously earned him the approval of his protectors.

It might surprise some to learn that in the age of Black Lives Matter, when calls to “defund police” drown out rational thought, not all black Americans are anti-cop.

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Some of those people who aren’t aware of that fact might call themselves journalists, as the story has gotten virtually no traction in the establishment media.

Then again, this story doesn’t exactly fit the mainstream media’s prevailing narrative.

We’re supposed to be divided.

Black Americans and white cops aren’t supposed to be on the same side, right?

Not in this situation.

There is a cliche saying that goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Not all cops are out to harm or harass black people, and particularly black men.

Not all black people are in lockstep with a movement which seeks to challenge law and order in the culture, in the streets and in the courts.

There are still little moments happening all around us which remind us we’re all still Americans.

Those moments don’t make for the flashiest of headlines, and they might not help to re-enforce the message from cultural disruptors that the country is a power keg, ready to explode.

This might be an odd takeaway from a moment where a man had his clock thoroughly cleaned by a group of people.

But we don’t get to decide which moments inspire us.

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