Black Christian Leaders: Churches Preaching Social Justice Philosophies Are 'Cursing' Their Parishioners


As support for the Black Lives Matter movement has accelerated, so has its prevalence in many of America’s most treasured institutions.

Even the church.

In order to appease BLM and like-minded social justice groups, many churches have taken to teaching anti-biblical ideologies.

The two most prominent examples of this are critical race theory and black liberation theology.

According to Neil Mammen and Kevin McGary — the two co-founders of Every Black Life Matters, a Christian/conservative competitor of Black Lives Matter — CRT and BLT both pose a massive threat to the church and the country at large.

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Mammen and McGary spoke with The Western Journal on Tuesday, explaining how their new organization hoped to combat the growing influence of these philosophies.

“Here’s the other thing that is really insidious and diabolical, and it’s catching up to everybody. Everybody is being touched by this at the moment. And that is critical race theory and its fundamental principles, although there are no real principles to CRT,” McGary told The Western Journal.

A theoretical interpretive framework, critical race theory presupposes race is the predominant structural element of American society and that systemic racism — a system of seen and unseen forces propagating white supremacy — is present in all corners of society, oppressing minorities.

Critics of CRT point to the lack of evidence supporting it — followers and activists of CRT are tasked with exposing systemic racism but are not required to perform any sort of rigorous scientific analysis in doing so, which leads them to ascribe this redefined version of “racism” to any and every aspect of society they subjectively interpret as unfair.

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Despite the total lack of evidence backing this academic theory, numerous mainstream Democrats and liberals treat its presuppositions as absolute fact.

“They’re teaching that whites, if you’re white, if you have lack of melanin in your skin, there’s nothing you can do about it, you are an avowed racist. You are irredeemable. You are a cursed generation, all of these things that are completely antithetical, McGary told The Western Journal.

Mammen said antifa and BLM have “recruited more people” into believing and teaching CRT in the hopes of starting “a racial war.”

At this point, the conversation shifted, with Mammen noting that black liberation theology poses a very similar threat to the country.

Another race-conscious philosophy, black liberation theology is an absolute reinterpretation of the Gospel.

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Speaking with The Western Journal back in December, theological expert Darrell B. Harrison explained that BLT is a “branch of early 20th-century liberation theology” promoting the idea that Jesus Christ came into the world with the purpose of identifying with “poor, marginalized and oppressed black people in their struggle for liberation from their white oppressors.”

“The reason we preach the Gospel is because the real core truth is that Jesus Christ died for your sins. And if you believe in him, you shall be safe forever. That’s the core truth,” Mammen told The Western Journal. “But liberation theology stops before that.”

McGary agreed, noting that BLT is “a complete perversion of the gospel” in that “it twists and perverts salvation” by teaching that “people that lack melanin are actually gaining salvation through their embrace and support of blacks.”

Furthermore, McGary explained, BLT is a “communal salvation” rather than an “individual pronouncement that you make between you and God through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.”

“And in the black church, I’m making a generalization here, but it is pervasive. It’s huge,” he said.

In McGary’s view, teaching CRT, BLT and other social justice ideologies is an affront to God.

“When we begin preaching these melded doctrines, CRT, black liberation theology, social justice, and we start to meld it into the truth of the gospel message, we’re literally not only cursing ourselves, but we’re cursing our parishioners,” he said.

“And that’s not me saying that. That’s the Word of God that tells us that,” McGary added, referencing Galatians 1:8-9.

These two men aren’t merely calling out these wrongs while they stand on the sidelines, however.

With their new organization — Every Black Life Matters — McGary and Mammen are offering churches various training and workshops meant to educate about CRT and BLT and how these two ideologies run in stark contrast to biblical doctrine.

Those resources can be found at

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