Where's BLM? Man Charged with Murder for Allegedly Killing 7-Year-Old Girl at McDonald's Drive-Thru


Insincere slogans such as “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” “Silence Is Violence” and “Is My Child Next?” have all helped the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter movement gain a startling foothold in American politics and culture.

Such slogans are loud and in your face, they appeal to the emotions and they don’t leave a lot of room for discussion. After all, what kind of a monster would disagree with the statement, “Black lives matter?”

If you don’t agree wholeheartedly with those three loaded words — and only those three loaded words in that order — you’re deemed a racist who should probably consider checking your privilege. The issue with that statement and the sentiment behind it is that even the most ardent BLM activist apparently don’t believe it — at least not without conditions.

People who rightly utter phrases such as, “Black lives matter, but so do other lives,” are shouted down and smeared as being bigoted representatives for systemic oppression. But we know black lives matter less to Black Lives Matter when a black person is killed by another black person.

Black lives seem to matter most when they are ended by encounters with police officers, and especially police officers who are white and male.

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The movement currently driving Democratic Party politics, urban policy and national sports and entertainment is a disingenuous vehicle for radical ideas more than it is a grassroots startup for more humane and equitable change.

That became apparent when rioters last year had corporate sponsors.

We don’t at this point need much more evidence that Black Lives Matter is a Trojan horse for a Marxist revolution. But considering how influential the group and its selective outrage over death is, the movement’s omissions of some lives are jarring. Let’s take a look at another social justice slogan, which is conspicuously not being uttered this week: “Say Her Name.”

Jaslyn Adams, a beautiful 7-year-old black girl, was murdered in Chicago on April 18 as she innocently sat in a McDonald’s drive-thru with her father, Jontae Adams. WMAQ-TV reported that Jaslyn was hit by multiple rounds and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that police said multiple gunmen fired dozens of rifle rounds into the vehicle occupied by Jaslyn. They said a man named Marion Lewis, 18, was involved in the shooting that left the child dead and her father wounded.

“Jaslyn, nicknamed ‘Pinky,’ was killed April 18 after two gunmen fired at least 45 shots at her father’s car in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s at Kedzie Avenue and Roosevelt Road. One shooter was seen on surveillance cameras holding an AK-47-style assault rifle with a ‘banana clip,’ prosecutors said,” the paper reported.

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Lewis is charged with multiple counts, including first-degree murder. He is presumed innocent until a jury of his peers deems otherwise, but there is no due process in the court of public opinion.

In the era of Black Lives Matter, one would assume, Lewis would be set for a public stoning by now. An objective observer would expect to see people lining the streets to protest the tragic death of Jaslyn. Doesn’t every 7-year-old child deserve the right to peacefully sit in a drive-thru?

Jaslyn was denied such an opportunity — and every other opportunity that could have come her way as she had grown and developed. The child was gunned down by menaces to society in heavily gun-controlled Chicago, and relatively few people are even bothered by it.

Lewis, the only man charged with any crime so far related to her death, is black.

That explains why her name isn’t being plastered on the chyrons of news networks and being repeated by Democrats everywhere.

Opportunist attorney Benjamin Crump has not offered any public remarks about how Jaslyn was unarmed when she was murdered. Race hustler Al Sharpton is silent on her death. Jaslyn’s death will elicit no fires, no looting and no soliloquies from CNN hosts.

That’s because Jaslyn is one of the latest victims of the tragic plague that is urban black-on-black crime and intra-communal violence. Without a white cop, a non-black mass shooter or a system of alleged white imperial oppression to blame her death on, Jaslyn is not an opportunity for political capital.

The Sun-Times reported that a large crowd held a vigil for Jaslyn shortly after she was killed. But her murder didn’t fit the leftist activists’ preferred narrative, so while it is tragic, it’s equally as inconvenient for those who might have cashed in on death had only a cop or cops fired those rounds.

She will sadly soon be forgotten completely by those who didn’t know her personally.

Do you think the country will eventually grow tired of the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter movement and its agenda?

We live in an era where the left’s identity politics now touch everything — especially black killings. In an instance that should shock absolutely no one, the murder of a black child is being completely ignored by a group whose sole mission is in its name.

Where is the justice for Jaslyn? Black Lives Matter isn’t seeking it. The group’s members are presumably still trying to argue that teen knife fights are normal and require no intervention from adults after Ma’Khia Bryant was shot by police in Ohio last week.

We of course didn’t need the group’s complete silence on the death of Jaslyn to tell us that Black Lives Matter is not a serious movement out to protect black lives. This is a group that seeks to turn select black deaths into rallying cries to inspire a revolt — and apparently earn those at the top of the death-for-cash business hierarchy big returns.

We should all remember all of this the next time Black Lives Matter and its Democratic Party allies start marching against our rights and safety — and the next time we’re told our neighborhoods are better off without cops.

It’s painfully apparent that Jaslyn’s neighborhood wasn’t over-policed.

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