Blue-Check Lib Posts Poll, Results Gloriously Backfire - Then Matt Walsh Throws the Final Punch


When Former Democratic Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner posted a poll on her Twitter, the last thing she was expecting was the result she received.

But what wasn’t unexpected was the glorious take-down Matt Walsh issued after.

On Saturday, Turner took to Twitter where she asked, “Should @POTUS cancel student debt?” Four answers were listed to choose from: 1) “No, people should suffer” 2) “Yes, $10k” 3) “Yes, $50k” and 4) “CANCEL ALL OF IT!”

To Turner’s surprise, an overwhelming majority voted no — 68.6 percent, to be exact. According to the poll on Twitter, there were 37,963 votes in total.

24.9 percent voted for the option “CANCEL ALL OF IT,” 3.6 percent voted for “Yes, $50K” and 2.9 percent voted for “Yes, $10k.”

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After the embarrassing results were in from the poll, Twitter conservatives were quick to point out the obvious.

“You got owned by your own poll,” the Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer said.

“This didn’t go how you thought it would … kind of like your election,” Scott Presler posted, referencing the great upset Turner faced this year in her run for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District. Turner lost the primary to Shontel Brown by more than 22,000 votes.

Then Matt Walsh issued the final punch.

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“Yes, you should suffer if you purchased a worthless degree. The only other option is that someone else suffers on your behalf. Of those two choices, it should be you. 100 percent. Stop being a selfish coward,” Matt Walsh said.

While not all degrees are worthless, Walsh is specifically hitting on degrees that do nothing for the average college graduate. In most cases, it is such individuals — who have obtained such degrees and signed off on the student loans that they took out — who want others to suffer on their behalf.

And in many cases, such degrees are extraordinarily expensive for the average starting salary the degree gets them.

For reference, a minimum-wage job that pays $15 per hour works out to $31,200 in yearly wages, if you work 40 hours every week, according to CNBC.

This salary figure is almost on par with what you’d earn with a college major in family and consumer sciences — which has a median pay of $32,000 within five years of graduation.

Do you think student loans should be forgiven?

These figures do not even take into account the four years it takes to obtain the degree or the cost of such a degree.

The bottom line is this: personal responsibility. No, you do not get to demand that others pay for your decisions. That is not how life works.

And this is the point Walsh was setting forth. If the two options are you suffering for your decisions or others suffering on your behalf, the only valid option is that you must take responsibility. Full stop.

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