Blue State Liberals Go Berserk Over Wyoming Roofing Company Offering New AR-15 to Newcomers


My home state of Texas is well-known for its love of guns. Whenever the federal government threatens action that would violate the 2nd Amendment, Texas is always one of the first states to stand up and say no.

But when it comes to trolling, I think Wyoming has us beat.

According to Cowboy State Daily, Wiggins Construction, based in Powell, Wyoming, has taken trolling to a whole new level — every time a customer orders a new roof, they will receive a new AR-15 free of charge.

The AR (which means “Armalite,” not “Assault Rifle” as the left so often claims) is a versatile semi-automatic rifle that can be configured to utilize a myriad of ammunition, though .223 rounds are most common, the outlet reported. It’s also the boogeyman for progressives who seek to dismantle the 2nd Amendment.

Matt Thomas, Wiggins Construction’s marketing director, told the Daily that the deal is a way to welcome newcomers to their newfound land of freedom.

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“People are moving into Wyoming to get out of the cities and to get away from the regulation and to get away from living in fear,” Thomas told the Daily.

“We’re just offering it as almost like, for the people that are recently moving to Wyoming as a ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ gift, and for the people that are here, locals, just a ‘thank you’ for doing business.”

Naturally, such a unique marketing drive will garner some attention. However, not all feedback has been positive, as Thomas has been the recipient of some pointed remarks from the urban Democratic elite.

“We’ve gotten quite a bit of flack from it,” he elaborated.

“I don’t know how this story’s gotten to New Hampshire and to Chicago, Illinois, and to central California. But we are getting phone calls, voicemails from people saying all sorts of negative stuff about us, you know, stuff like ‘baby killers’, and we’re distributing weapons of mass destruction to the public,” Thomas continued.

They’re calling conservatives baby-killers now? Ironic.

Fortunately, Thomas is taking all of the name-callings in stride, and by all accounts, the response from the Powell community — his actual customer base — has been extremely positive.

“None of these people are locals that are really saying [these insults],” he said.

“The response from the actual public and the locals has been phenomenal — we’ve got probably three voicemails this morning from people like ‘Hey, we don’t need a roof, but we saw your ad in the Powell Tribune and we just want to say that it’s awesome, and we really support what you guys are doing.'”

Would you buy a roof from Wiggins Construction?

The best part of all this is that the deal is entirely legal. Customers have to be over the age of 21, must not be a convicted felon and they must agree to comply with relevant state and federal laws. As such, if the laws change so that the deal is no longer legal, Thomas said he will discontinue it.

After all, at the deal’s core is to thank Wiggins Construction’s customers for doing business with them. “We just kind of wanted something tangible to put in their hands, besides just a thank you card,” Thomas declared.

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Good on Wiggins Construction, and good on Wyoming. Gun rights activists will probably continue to win victories in court, but it is cultural exchanges like these that will win the battle for the 2nd Amendment.

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