Boebert Demands Biden and 'Regime' Answer 6 Questions on Anniversary of Afghanistan Bombing


One year to the day after 13 U.S. servicemen and women were killed in a terrorist bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul during the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado pushed President Joe Biden for answers.

In a three-page letter Boebert to the president dated Friday, she demanded six specific answers from Biden about what happened last year.

The letter, which the congresswoman shared exclusively with Breitbart, asked why the bombing happened, who was responsible and why no one has yet been held responsible for the deaths of 11 Marines, one Navy corpsman and one soldier.

“For the past year and a half, your regime has done nothing more than recycle excuse-filled diatribes aimed against your predecessor, and quite frankly, the American people don’t deserve your lies or your regime’s brazen attempt to whitewash the harrowing historical record. They deserve clear answers from their Commander-in-Chief,” Boebert wrote in the letter.

The letter sharply criticizes Biden’s actions, or lack thereof, in this situation.

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“It is incoherent and demoralizing to consistently hear you argue out of one corner of your mouth that your predecessor had placed you in an impossible situation in Afghanistan, and out of the other corner of your mouth, insist that the evacuation of our citizens was a resounding success – indeed, all praise to the greatest airlift in American history, an airlift so successful that more than 95% of all evacuees weren’t even American,” Boebert continued.

“Never again do I want to hear you argue that our withdrawal from Afghanistan was in any way good or even acceptable,” she said.

The Colorado representative accused the president of abandoning more than 1,000 American citizens and lawful permanent residents in Afghanistan.

Boebert also said Biden and his administration were incompetent and avoided responsibility for the chaotic withdrawal and the resulting deaths in the airport bombing.

Reminding him of his role as president, she pointed out that the responsibility for the withdrawal and the events that happened rests on his shoulders.

“You were the one who sought this office. The buck stops with you,” the congresswoman wrote.

She outlined six specific questions in the letter, prefacing them with, “I demand answers to the following questions your regime has regularly ignored.”

Boebert first asked who has been held accountable for the many failures that happened during the withdrawal and how.

She sought specifics on how many Americans remain in Afghanistan.

The representative asked Biden if he was aware that Gen. Kenneth McKenzie — whom he put in charge of the withdrawal — reportedly turned down a Taliban offer for the U.S. to control security during the Kabul evacuation, and if he knew, what he did about it.

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She also inquired about the president’s knowledge of Pentagon reports alleging the suicide bomber who killed the 13 service members could have been stopped, but the drone was denied a launch.

Boebert asked if Biden was aware of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s possible financial ties to Pakistan, whose former prime minister promptly praised the Taliban upon its takeover of Afghanistan.

Finally, the congresswoman questioned the president about the use of $7 billion in Afghan central bank reserves that have been frozen in the United States since the Taliban took power.

Letter to POTUS – Afghanist… by Breitbart News

“[C]an you commit that none of these funds will be used in any way that would make it easier for the Taliban to retain power? Does your regime have a long-term plan for the use of these funds?” she said in the letter.

Boebert is correct in calling out Biden for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and asking him the pertinent questions.

Do you think Biden will answer Boebert's questions?

Regardless of whether the pullout was necessary, there has been general agreement that it could have been conducted in a much safer and more effective way, which could have saved the lives lost.

As Boebert said, the ultimate responsibility rests with Biden since he is the nation’s leader and commander-in-chief of the military.

That is simply the nature of leadership and being a head of state. It’s why Shakespeare wrote, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

As the man in charge during such a chaotic and deadly withdrawal, Biden cannot expect to be held unaccountable.

Boebert rightly ended the scathing letter warning the president of this very thing.

“As we enter the 118th Congress, there will be increased calls for accountability and additional information, including further investigations into the perceived and real failures of those charged with the task of evacuating our fellow citizens,” she wrote. “My colleagues and I will make sure of it.

“Your lack of leadership during the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a national embarrassment and tragedy of the highest order, particularly for those families who continue to grieve the loss of their young heroes. For as long as you are the President, I will never let you forget that.”

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