Book on Trump's Rules for Life Shoots to No. 1 Across Multiple Amazon Categories


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A book about President Donald Trump’s rules for life penned by radio host and author Wayne Allyn Root rocketed to the top in several categories on shortly after its release.

The book, “Trump Rules,” is a self-help guide for how to achieve big goals and become the best version of yourself while ignoring parasitic haters and detractors.

In an interview Tuesday with The Western Journal, Root said he has studied Trump for 40 years, starting when he was a freshman in college at Columbia University in New York.

Notably, he said he was inspired by Trump’s meteoric success in multiple fields over the decades, including real estate, business, publishing, entertainment and politics.

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Similarly, Root — who became a millionaire at age 29 — said he achieved tremendous success at a young age in the same diverse fields that Trump did: politics, business, television and publishing.

Indeed, he said he accomplished many of his own goals by following Trump’s playbook, which he says mirrors his own life mantras.

“This is not a political read but rather a business ‘how to,'” the description for “Trump Rules” reads. “This book will share with you the secrets of how to build a business, stand up to your opponents, and always come out on top.”

According to Root, the top 10 Trump rules for life are:

1. Always Winning
2. Failing Your Way to Top
3. Screw the Critics
4. The EGO Rules
5. Always Pitching, Never Bitching
6. It’s All About the Story
7. Celebrity Sells Everything
8. Everyone Needs a Brand
9. The Power of RELENTLESS!
10. Chutzpah – Audacity – Balls – Becoming More Jewish

Shortly after its November publication, “Trump Rules” became the No. 1 release in 12 book categories on Amazon, including sales, marketing, time management, business negotiation and political advocacy, according to Root. It was listed as temporarily out of stock on Thursday.

Not surprisingly, the Trump rules are diametrically opposed to leftist orthodoxy, which emphasizes playing the victim, blaming everyone else for your problems and expecting other people to fix your life.

As a businessman and as president, Donald Trump has made relentless optimism and a steely work ethic the foundation of everything he does.

That’s why Root said you can’t count him out amid his uphill legal battles challenging the results of November’s election.

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“If there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s Trump,” Root told The Western Journal. “And I have a sneaking suspicion that Democrats are way too lackadaisical, way too overconfident, and they may find in the next few days Trump turns things around, Supreme Court rules in our favor, and the next president being sworn in is gonna be Trump. And they are going to get the shock of their life.”

However, Root said if things don’t turn out and Trump loses the legal fight, he’ll make the best of the situation and turn the negative into a positive, because that’s a Trump rule.

“For normal people that would be a loss,” he said. “Trump will turn it into a positive.”

Root underscored that with the “Trump army” of 74 million voters behind him, the president could easily launch a cable news network that would dominate CNN and Fox News.

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