Border Patrol Makes Alarming Discovery of 20 Migrants Under a Truck's Trailer Boards


Thanks to President Joe Biden’s immigration policy, human smuggling attempts are becoming increasingly common.

Amidst the largest illegal immigration surge in recent history, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is under far more pressure to enforce border security. Unfortunately, an oft-ignored aspect of Border Patrol is how often the law enforcement agency saves lives.

Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero of the Del Rio, Texas, sector tweeted photos on Tuesday of 20 illegal immigrants Border Patrol agents discovered packed under the floorboards of a trailer. The worst part, though, is that two children were found after inspecting the trailer.

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The children, ages 10 and 15, were jammed with adults into a long container underneath the floorboards. As if being packed in like human sardines wasn’t bad enough, Skero noted, “With temperatures on the rise, smuggling attempts like these have a high potential to turn deadly.”

Skero tweeted another set of photos on Tuesday, seemingly of a separate incident, where it was revealed three people were locked in a truck with one person “trapped inside a padlocked toolbox.”

The reality of the situation is horrifying — smuggling attempts like the ones Skero reported on are likely far more common than anyone would hope. Worse, though, is that if Skero’s sector lost funding and wasn’t able to discover these trapped immigrants, smugglers likely would’ve gotten away with it and made tens of thousands of dollars from the move.

Will Biden ever acknowledge the human cost of his decisions?

Thankfully, this didn’t happen, but Biden’s immigration policy and general neglect of the border make it an ever-increasing risk.

CBP statistics show that in March alone, almost 19,000 unaccompanied minors were encountered by Border Patrol agents — more than double February’s recorded encounters. As Skero wrote in his Tuesday tweet, rising temperatures mean typical smuggling attempts will be far more dangerous, but the bottom line is that smugglers don’t care about human life.

Fortunately for them, Biden doesn’t seem to have a strong stance on human life either, continuing to value woke optics over the lives of both human trafficking victims and everyday Americans.

The president’s Jan. 20 executive order to revoke emergency status from the border very well could have changed the outcome of the inspections Skero reported on. The proposal ordered an immediate end to the construction of the border wall system and additionally removed thousands of dollars in funding from federal and local law enforcement.

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Biden’s negligence of what is really happening at the U.S.-Mexico border isn’t just ridiculous from a political standpoint — it endangers life.

The rest of the administration is following in Biden’s footsteps, it seems, as Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t even stepped foot on the southern border in the weeks she’s been assigned to the crisis, or “situation” depending on which aisle you lean toward.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich put it best in a Monday interview with Fox News, explaining, “They wanted Harris to be in charge of the border because they knew she wouldn’t do anything.”

Gingrich is spot-on — members of the Biden administration, with the potential exception of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, don’t want to do anything substantial about the border. They’ll simply continue to ignore the real, human cost of their partisan decisions as they pretend to care about the lives of Americans.

Thankfully, Border Patrol agents are willing to risk their lives daily for thousands of Americans they’ll likely never meet. If only our president could say the same.

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