Boy Who Believes He's a Walrus: Matt Walsh Takes on Trans Agenda with Surprise New Children's Book


In the past decade or so, child abuse has become quite fashionable. Nowadays, it is seen as virtuous to allow your children to undergo irreversible hormone therapy, merely because they momentarily identify as the opposite sex.

Of course, kids often play pretend and let their imaginations run wild. Some kids pretend they are dinosaurs, others superheroes. If left alone, most of these fantasies will fade away, including the desire to become the opposite sex. According to the World Professional Association for Transgender Help, roughly 94 percent of children with gender dysphoria will revert to identifying as their biological sex.

And yet, many parents, doctors and LGBT activists believe these children should be given the choice to permanently alter their bodies through hormone therapy. Of course, children do not have the ability to consent to this any more than they can consent to having sex. They cannot possibly comprehend the long-term, life-altering implications of such a decision.

Well, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has had enough of this nonsense. Deciding to fight back, Walsh announced on Monday night that he has written a children’s board book highlighting the utter absurdity of the left’s transgender craze. As perhaps The Daily Wire’s most outspoken podcast host (which is saying something), Walsh doesn’t hold back. He tells it as he sees it, and when it comes to the gender transitioning of children, Walsh sees gender-affirming care for the utter absurdity that it is.

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Walsh’s book — “Johnny the Walrus” — follows a young boy named Johnny. Johnny has a wild imagination — he loves to play pretend. One day, when Johnny pretends to be a walrus, his mother is pressured by activists and doctors to raise him as one. She’s told to pretend he’s a walrus, feed him like a walrus and even take him to the doctor to have surgery to make him look more like a walrus.

It’s a perfect metaphor for the child abuse that is providing gender-affirming care to confused children.

“I don’t think it’s at all unfair or hyperbole to draw a comparison between a boy pretending to be a walrus — which is my story — and a boy, a four-year-old boy or five-year-old boy, saying ‘I’m a girl,'” Walsh told The Western Journal. “It’s exactly the same kind of thing.”

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“I chose walruses because I was trying to think of the most … ridiculous-looking animal I could think of, just to make it all more absurd.”

“Little kids are imaginative and they also exist in a world where the line between fantasy and reality is not at all clear.”

As a father of four, Walsh knows very well that — in 2021 — it is hard to find a good children’s book devoid of left-wing political indoctrination. Unless you are going to a Christian book store, finding a good book for your child is “kind of a crapshoot.”

And, while a lot of that propaganda is “racial stuff” — books like Ibram X. Kendi’s “Antiracist Baby” — Walsh has noticed that most books he finds promote “gender ideologies being foist on kids of a very young age, telling little boys that if they put on a dress, they’ll be a girl, or those sorts of things.”

In writing his own children’s book, Walsh didn’t aim to merely write a response to those books. He said he “didn’t want it do be defensive, but more going on the offensive” in a way that is funny and can “engage kids on one level” and adults on another.

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Walsh hopes that parents will understand the deeper points he’s trying to make and that children who have read the book — upon being introduced to the concept of gender transitioning — will understand exactly what’s going on.

“I’m hoping that … later on, after they’ve been read this book, when they are introduced to those concepts, they’ll kind of understand the framework in which these things should be understood,” Walsh told The Western Journal.

“They’ll say … ‘so, that boy is identifying as a girl? That’s just like identifying as a walrus.'”

“I want them to make that connection because that is, in fact, … exactly that sort of thing. And so, I guess in a way, this is my attempt at a little bit of an inoculation against gender theory before they are introduced to it.”

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