British Volunteer Fighting with Ukrainians Shares Update from Front Lines of Besieged City


A British volunteer fighting with Ukraine’s Marines is sharing an update from the bloodiest combat zone in the country.

The man, who goes by the nom de guerre “Cossack Gundi,” is fighting on the front lines in the Siege of Mariupol.

Cossack Gundi released two videos on Tuesday, confirming that he’s still alive and sharing details of the city’s harrowing siege, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of soldiers and civilians.

“We still control the city. Ukrainians are fighting hard day and night. Their will is tremendously strong, and they’re not going to be submitted by Russian imperialism.”

Gundi confirmed that Ukrainian forces still control Mariupol, although they’re largely surrounded by Russian invading forces.

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According to a profile on Reaper Feed, Gundi has served in the Ukrainian armed forces since 2018, after fighting with Kurdish YPG forces against the Islamic State in Syria.

In his update from the front lines, Gundi accused the Russian military of attacking civilian areas in a manner that could be construed as war crimes.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

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Gundi said he’s seen multiple rocket-launching trucks fire into civilian areas, questioning how their Russian operators could fire on the area without knowing they’re jeopardizing civilians.

Gundi said that the Russian military is inflicting civilian casualties every day.

“There’s nothing they can do,” the experienced soldier said of the civilians killed in the siege. “They’re not a part of this war.”

A Russian aircraft bombed a drama theater in Mariupol where hundreds of Ukrainian civilians were taking shelter earlier this month, in an act that roused international condemnation.

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An intercepted phone call between two Russians painted a picture of disaster and incompetence in Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation.”

A Russian soldier claimed the operation had devolved to a “circus,” with delusional commanders expecting Ukraine’s defenders to submit to the imperialist ploy within days or even hours.

Ukrainian troops have refused to bow to demands from their enemies to surrender the city, even as the siege begins to resemble the most bloody battles in European history.

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