Brittany Aldean Makes Her Position on Balenciaga Clear After She's Seen Carrying Trash Bags


Brittany Aldean, the wife of country music star Jason Aldean, made it very clear what she thinks about luxury fashion house Balenciaga in a bold statement on Instagram.

On Thursday, the Daily Wire reported that Aldean took to Instagram with a picture of her carrying out trash bags full of Balenciaga merchandise with the caption, “It’s trash day.”


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This comes on the heels of a couple of disturbing ad campaigns by the fashion company, one of which featured toddlers holding teddy bears dressed in bondage gear and another that included a document in the background featuring a Supreme Court case concerning child pornography.

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ACT for America founder and chairman Brigitte Gabriel responded to Aldean’s post on Twitter, writing, “Brittany Aldean is an American patriot.”

Other Twitter users also took to social media to support Aldean, with some comparing her to other celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, who have been slow to speak out about the issue.

Do you think more celebrities should come out against Balenciaga?

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The message from Brittany Aldean to Balenciaga is clear: Stop trying to sexually groom and indoctrinate children.

She teaches Christians and conservatives an important lesson about how to engage in the culture war. We need to be willing to actively fight back against corporations that push these perverted ideologies onto children.

Balenciaga is, unfortunately, not the only major corporation that is pushing these woke social doctrines on children.

Disney is one of the worst offenders. It recently released its latest film, “Strange World” which it promoted as featuring Disney’s first openly gay lead character.

Disney also feuded with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis when it opposed the Parental Rights in Education Act, which forbade sexually explicit education to young children in Florida public schools. This feud resulted in DeSantis stripping Disney of its special tax benefits and played a large role in his landslide re-election victory in this year’s midterm elections.

Just as Ron DeSantis showed conservative politicians how to respond to woke corporations trying to indoctrinate our children, Brittany Aldean is showing ordinary American citizens how they can respond to these same corporations.

By refusing to give money to Balenciaga and going so far as to trash the products that she owns, Aldean shows us that we must be prepared to stop giving money to woke corporations that hate us. It is not enough to complain about these evils; we need to take active measures to make sure that we are not supporting them.

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