Cameras Capture What Desperate Migrants are Starting to Hand Reporters Through Border Wall


Video from the southern border has begun making the rounds online, and it has poked a massive hole in the left’s narrative about migrants.

At 11:59 p.m. ET Thursday, President Biden allowed Title 42, a Trump-era immigration restriction, to expire, and illegal immigrants immediately surged towards the border as chaos ensued.

While officials in communities across the southern border grapple with the dire situation, a video has emerged of migrants reaching across the border fence and trying to hand something to reporters on the other side.

Now, the left has been trying to justify its open-border policies by saying that migrants are vulnerable people in a dire scenario who need all the help that the United States can give them.

Given that that is the narrative coming from the left, you would think that the objects the migrants are trying to hand across the border would reflect that. Perhaps the migrants are holding empty baskets or bags, hoping the reporters would give them food, or perhaps letters they are trying to get to loved ones in the US.

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Perhaps the migrants were simply reaching out for help or human contact.

The reality, however, is very different.

The migrants are holding cell phones and charging cables across the border in hopes that the reporters will plug those items in for them somewhere.

A video from Fox News about the situation at the border shows just that:

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One particularly interesting note: Did you happen to notice the type of phones that these migrants have?

You would think, given the leftist portrayal of migrants as a poor and struggling person, that they would have cell phones that can still play the original “Snake.”

Nope. The migrants appear to be handing newer model smartphones across the border, which can be very expensive and often go for hundreds of, if not over a thousand, dollars.

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These are phones that well-off middle-class American families typically have, not something that you would think a poor migrant who so desperately needs to enter the United States would be able to afford.

This revelation poses a massive problem for the left, as it directly challenges the assumption that these are poor migrants with little resources who desperately need to get into Amerca.

Instead, this viral video strongly suggests that these “desperate” migrants are actually people with some semblance of material wealth, who realized that the border was going to be opened and are taking the opportunity to skip the line to take the easy path to become citizens.

Biden’s immigration policy is not providing a compassionate response to people in genuine need of help, it is giving people an opportunity to exploit the system and sneak into the country.

These people are coming because they know that Biden is not going to do anything to stop them. They are free to enter the United States as they please.

Biden has completely lost control of the border, and the chaos following the end of Title 42 proves that it is more imperative than ever that the federal government steps in to provide security at the border.

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