Canada Follows Trump's Lead on Closing Borders, And Liberals Don't Seem To Notice


Apparently Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is xenophobic.

If you’ve been following the logic of the American left and the establishment media, there is virtually no other explanation.

Still under isolation after being exposed to the coronavirus by his wife, Sophie Gregoire, Trudeau announced Monday that he would be closing his country’s borders, citing fears over the global coronavirus pandemic, CNBC reported.

“We can still slow the spread of this virus,” Trudeau said at a news conference in Ottawa. “It is time to take every precaution to keep people safe.”

While he did say there would be some exceptions to the border closure, Trudeau made it clear that Canada is essentially closed for business.

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“We will be denying entry to Canada to people who are not Canadian citizens, or permanent residents,” he said. “This measure will carve out some designated exceptions, including for air crews, diplomats, immediate family members of Canadian citizens and, at this time, U.S. citizens.”

If you follow the left’s logic, this guy isn’t just suffering from a northern case of xenophobia — it’s much, much worse.

Do you think the establishment media owes President Trump an apology?

Trudeau has gone from a brownface-wearing elite globalist to a full-on racist, apparently.

How dare a western leader seal off his country’s border from anyone who might pose a potential threat, health or otherwise, to his citizens?

Welcome to reality, Trudeau. This is a place where inaction can lead to serious consequences and virtue signaling can cost people their lives and disrupt entire economies.

Perhaps Trudeau, or those closest to him, finally realized what was abundantly clear to President Donald Trump in January.

Letting foreign nationals who have been exposed to a potentially dangerous and contagious respiratory infection into your country is bad for business.

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Cue Joe Biden’s condemnation that limiting travel during a pandemic is both xenophobic and smells of fear-mongering:

The news of Canada’s decision to close its borders was met with a thud by the same politicians and establishment media talking heads who asserted Trump’s January decision to restrict travel to and from China was one with racial undertones.

On Feb. 7, CNN published a non-opinion news article claiming that the travel restriction, which at the time just included the region at epicenter of the coronavirus, could “backfire.”

Per CNN, the China restrictions could have led to economic disruption and the stigmatizing of certain groups of people.

“Historically a lot of these border security measures have used public health as a pretext for discrimination. It’s very easy to see how a public health rationale would be used to limit immigration for whatever reason,” geography and global health expert Eric Carter told CNN.

Furthermore, a so-called migration expert, Sarah Pierce, warned that banning travel could “come with huge economic and societal impacts,” and added there was “little evidence that it’s actually going to benefit the United States.”

Upon a careful media analysis of Trudeau’s decision to close its borders to non-Canadians and Americans (for now), I have yet to see CNN’s experts — or CNN for that matter — condemn Trudeau.

Are we to assume that the decision by Canada to close its borders is not racist, or that it is so racist that the network and its so-called experts can’t even process it?

For the sake of argument, I’ll go with the latter.

As for CNN’s concerns about the economy: The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost a hair under 3,000 points Monday — thanks to the spread of a virus from a place Trump restricted travel to nearly two months ago.

CNN’s response? The network published a story written by anti-Trump “journalist” John Harwood that is headlined, “Trump projects confidence, but markets aren’t listening.”

Apparently, Trump’s only mistake in restricting travel from China was that he wasn’t Justin Trudeau — who is most definitely extremely racist for closing borders.

Now that we’ve established that Canadians are far more racist than anyone alive, can we get to the part where establishment media pundits and Hollywood celebrities pile on and threaten to move to Mexico?

In response to fears about the spread of the coronavirus, it appears Mexico is looking into closing its borders as well. Per establishment media logic, everyone is now racist.

I just saw my reflection on my computer screen.

Through my Spaniard eyes and Choctaw Indian brown hair, I remembered that I support strict immigration enforcement and travel bans from portions of the globe.

Is it possible that I am racist against myself?

Introspection aside, perhaps Trudeau can be convinced to build a wall on Canada’s southern border.

With the liberal leader being so fashionable in brownface paint and xenophobic border closures, the American establishment media might come around to finally agreeing that border security is a serious issue.

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