Candidate Allegedly Leaked Nude Photos, Threatened School Shooting - Now Dems Rush to Distance Themselves


A Michigan Democrat’s campaign for the state legislature is spiraling after a purported former partner accused him of threatening a school shooting and circulating revenge pornography of her.

A woman who identifies herself as a former middle school girlfriend of 20-year-old Maurice Imhoff published a litany of allegations against Imhoff on her personal Facebook page on Saturday.

Mya Connell says that Imhoff — who would be the youngest legislator ever to serve in the Michigan House if he’s elected, according to the Daily Caller — threatened to carry out a school shooting if she broke up with him.

She describes herself and Imhoff as eighth grade students at Northwest Middle School in Jackson, Michigan, at the time in the post.

“i tried to break up with [Imhoff] again and what did he do ? threatened to shoot up northwest middle school. he sent messages to students he posted it to his story,” her post read.

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The whistleblower says that Imhoff was arrested on account of the violent threats and that he returned to the school a year later with his juvenile records sealed.

“he brought a fake weapon to school to scare students even more. it worked. he had everyone scared. the police were called and he was obviously arrested because yes it’s true MAURICE IMHOFF threatened to SHOOT NORTHWEST middle school up,” the post continued.

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The accuser has also shared Facebook messages from an individual with Imhoff’s image stating, “I’m a f****** I’m crazy mf terrorist,” although these have not been independently verified.

Other photos allegedly obtained from Imhoff’s Snapchat feature the Democrat making ominous threats to a school.

Imhoff’s accuser says that the youth even went so far as to send nude photographs of her to her own mother.

“[So] i went to school and wasn’t texting back and because of that he sent my nudes to my mother. he literally told me text me back or i’m gonna send your nudes while you’re at school. and he did,” her post explained.

Michigan Democrats have backed away from Imhoff’s candidacy in light of the allegations of violent threats and revenge porn.

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has pulled her backing of Imhoff in the wake of the allegations, according to MLive.

“The allegations are serious and concerning,” a Whitmer spokeswoman said in a statement, according to MLive.

“Gov. Whitmer does not support Maurice Imhoff’s campaign for State Representative.”

A campaign apparatus for the Democratic caucus in the Michigan House has similarly yanked support for the 20-year-old.

Imhoff’s campaign website has become password protected and inaccessible. Two of his campaign social media pages have been disabled.

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