Captivating Photo of Prince Harry & Meghan Taken from Rooftop Being Called 'Diana's View'


In the days following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, royal fans have rejoiced as official portraits revealed a side of the royals we haven’t seen before.

In one photo, Prince George was caught smiling, a welcome change from his usual speculative demeanor, while Princess Charlotte donned her well-known cheeky grin.

But the latest viral photo from the big day is not turning heads for its content, but rather, its perspective.

As the wedding came to a close, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took their seats in the Ascot Landau carriage to travel to Frogmore House for their afternoon wedding reception.

Meanwhile, Press Association photographer Yui Mok went to the roof of George IV Gateway of Windsor Castle, waiting to capture a photo of the happy couple.

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As the couple gazed at well wishers alongside the carriage, they passed directly underneath where Mok stood. The photographer quickly snapped an aerial photo, not realizing it would become one of the most widely-circulated photos from the day.

But as it began to make its way across the internet, it became clear why it was such a special photo.

Royal fans began to suggest that the photo’s perspective was that of Harry’s mother and Markle’s now mother-in-law Princess Diana.

As the internet took note of the special point of view, many fan’s suggested that the photo be named “Diana’s View.”

Mok took to Twitter to explain more about the day and the special photo that has captivated fans.

“It was a long day, but that’s the nature of our job, waiting around for hours sometimes for mere seconds of shooting” Mok wrote.

And it’s clear those hours were worth the wait, as his one single photo continues to steal hearts around the world.

One can’t help but notice how the heartwarming photo inexplicably reveals Diana’s presence during the joyful occasion, as she watched over her youngest son and his new bride from above, undoubtedly filled with love and pride.

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