Catholic League Drops Brutal Truth Bomb About the Left


The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights destroyed left-wing ideology in an Op-Ed released on Tuesday.

Penned by Catholic League president Bill Donohue, the article can be summed up in six simple words: “The left always screws the poor.”

Donohue’s Op-Ed began by criticizing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call to “redistribute wealth” as part of an effort to close the “COVID achievement gap.”

“The man is clueless. Owing to absurdly high taxes, the rich are leaving New York in droves; taxing them at an even higher rate will only encourage more to leave. They are taking their tax contributions and their jobs with them,” Donohue wrote.

“Moreover, fleecing the rich will do absolutely nothing to enhance academic achievement. We have known for decades that there is no correlation between spending on students per capita and academic achievement. Of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, D.C. is #1 in spending per student and #51 in academic achievement.”

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Throughout 2020, de Blasio and other Democrats of the same ilk have seized upon the popular Black Lives Matter narrative claiming that black-white achievement gaps in education and economics must be due to the unseen forces of white “systemic racism.”

In reality, Donohue noted in the essay, addressing the epidemic of fatherlessness within the black community would be much more productive than theorizing about the unproven notion of so-called structural racism.

“What makes for student success is the family, not the schools. Asians are ‘people of color,’ yet they have no problem succeeding in school. That’s because, unlike African Americans, the typical Asian family has a father and a mother at home,” Donohue wrote.

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“So the ‘color’ argument that de Blasio favors — structural racism is holding blacks back — is completely false. Black kids from two-parent families are not failing in school. The real issue is the family, not race.”

For decades, the left has offered under-served minority communities government subsidies as recompense for historical racism — and for decades, those policies have failed.

The last point Donohue hammered de Blasio for is his disdain for school choice policies

Donohue pointed out that if de Blasio “really wanted poor kids to succeed in school,” the mayor would support student-first policies such as school choice.

As the system currently stands, public schools maintain a near-monopoly over the education of students within their districts. This means public schools have no incentive for increasing their performance.

Because of this, minority families are often stuck in neighborhoods with failing public schools.

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If school choice policies were to be adopted, not only would public schools be forced to compete with private competitors, but parents in underprivileged communities would be afforded the opportunity to choose the best education for their children, whether that be at a private school, charter school or another public school outside of their area code.

Donohue continued by pointing out how, instead of adopting such policies, de Blasio “fights every initiative that works.

“To top things off, he is the one who opens and shuts the schools like a madman, thus exacerbating the ‘COVID achievement gap’ he claims to bemoan,” Donohue wrote.

“Playing Robin Hood drives the rich out of New York, shrinks the tax base, and does nothing to help the poor succeed in school. De Blasio is a three time loser, all in the name of championing their cause.”

Donohue’s Op-Ed perfectly describes the modern-day left.

While progressives claim to care for the poor, their policies have actually hurt lower-income families.

If only the party leaders would stop their incessant virtue-signaling long enough to actually examine the effects of their policies.

Maybe then this country could make some real progress.

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