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Caught on Video: Family's New Fridge Delivery Ends in Disaster

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If you’ve ordered anything online or had deliveries to your home with any sort of regularity, you’ve probably experienced delivery of a product that wasn’t quite in pristine condition.

Whether it’s bashed-in boxes, hastily re-taped seam lines or scuff marks that look a good deal like tire tread marks, there’s a story behind each one that we don’t always get to know.

Ring cameras have solved part of that problem, as one man from Tallmadge, Ohio, recently demonstrated.

Chad Jones was eagerly awaiting the delivery of his brand-new LG refrigerator worth $4,200, according to KABC-TV. That’s how you know you’ve reached peak adulthood: you thoroughly enjoy new appliances.

Sadly for Jones, it would be quite a while before he could enjoy his new purchase, as the delivery — which took place on Feb. 18 — went very sour.

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“I had to unhook my original fridge, get the waterline off and, you know I was getting really excited texting people, ‘Hey, drinks at my house. We have all the ice,'” Jones told WJW-TV. Thankfully, he kept the old fridge, which would quickly prove to be a smart move.

One of the deliverymen started wheeling the appliance toward the house, but he’d made several miscalculations. As he approached the walkway and began to set the dolly down, the fridge, which was not strapped to the dolly, rocked too far and crashed to the driveway.

It was immediately clear that the fridge was ruined. The door was hanging off the frame, drawers and shelves were scattered across the driveway and the other delivery man was so upset he skipped around and threw his paperwork down.

“Why wouldn’t you wait, bro?” he asked, incredulous.

According to Jones, they still tried to complete their delivery, stating that the appliance was “damaged by the manufacturer” — but the Ring video told a different tale, and they eventually hauled it away.

Thankfully for them, Jones had a good sense of humor about the whole thing and saw no reason to add insult to injury other than keeping them honest by posting the clip. He shared the video, which has gone viral, and offered some words of wisdom.

“I do get a laugh about it. It gets brought up a lot because a lot of people have seen my video,” he said.

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“As you can see in the video, I mean the, the door completely — it was hanging by one, you know, a thread, and the drawers splattered all over the driveway.

“Although it was his fault because he didn’t strap, strap the appliance down or wait, wait for his co-worker, you know this guy was already having a bad day, so I just kind of laughed, let it go.

“Everyone’s got a camera somewhere,” Jones said. “I would say — you know, I’m not a professional mover, but always use a strap when you’re moving a major appliance and you won’t have these, these situations.”

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