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Little Boy Calls Dad Using Ring Video Doorbell with Very Important Question


Kids have a way of interacting with technology in a silly, playful manner that reminds adults to look on the funny side of life.

Take, for example, this young boy from Haslett, Michigan, who decided to interrupt his father’s work day to ask an important question in a hilarious manner.

The father had installed a Ring video doorbell outside, likely choosing the product for all it promises to deliver — increased home security and peace of mind while you are away.

The Ring doorbell boasts high-definition video, recording the comings and goings of those who come to your front door, all viewable from your smartphone.

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In this case, it was the father’s own son who showed up at the door and called out for his dad.

“Dad? Dad?” the boy said, somewhat hesitantly at first.

“Baby Gracie!” the dad responded with enthusiasm.

Joy was written on the boy’s face as he heard his dad’s voice, and he responded by kissing the doorbell camera and saying, “I love you!”

The boy then steered the conversation to a more important manner — the family television.

“How do you turn on the kids channel?” he asked.

The father was patient with his son, finding out that the boy had been visiting a neighbor across the street with his mom, but had asked permission to come home.

His mom told him he could go back home and turn on the kids channel, which left the boy feeling thrilled — until he realized he didn’t know how to make it work.

But surely, Dad would know — after all, he did use a Ring video doorbell — prompting the boy to track him down to solve his television woes.

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The dad talked his son through the process of turning on the TV, finding the remote, and pushing the buttons for channel 25 — Dad’s best guess as to where the “kid channel” would be found.

The boy repeatedly made funny faces and kissed the doorbell camera, enjoying technology in a way that made everyone laugh.

His dad and coworkers laughed through the whole conversation, delighted at the boy’s humor.

The video doorbell might have been intended to keep homes more secure, but in this case, it gave one family a hilarious reason to laugh.

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