Chevy Chase Tracks Down Truck That Cut Him Off, Driver Gets Out and Beats Him to Ground


Chevy Chase’s career has spanned decades. He is commonly thought of as a “funny man” and is notably a Saturday Night Live alum.

He’s also enjoyed a decades-long movie career. Some of the films he’s been in are considered by some to be classics.

At 74, Chase is still active in comedy and movies. However, he has recently been involved in an incident in his real life that isn’t leaving anyone laughing.

In fact, the actor and comedian was physically attacked. On top of that, he has also had to combat what he has called a false claim about what happened.

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According to TMZ, Chase was driving on the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York on Feb. 9, 2018 when he was cut off by a black pickup truck. Chase thought the truck actually hit his vehicle, too, so he decided to confront the driver.

He began by flashing his high beam lights at the truck and followed behind until the driver finally pulled over.

It was when both vehicles stopped and Chase got a good look at them that he realized no contact had been made between them.

A police report about the road rage incident notes that Chase then decided to confront the driver anyway, “…about his reckless driving.” From there, things escalated.

Chase told police that three other individuals were in the truck and one “flipped him off.” Angered, Chase told them “If I were a lot younger I’d bust your nose” to which one of them responded by climbing out of the truck and kicking Chase in the shoulder. The kick knocked the elderly man to the ground.

TMZ reported that according to the police, there was a witness to the incident, who “pulled over” specifically because he was concerned the older man was going to be injured.

The individual who kicked Chase was cited by police “for for 2nd degree harassment with physical contact.”

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However, the truck’s driver claimed that Chase actually initiated the “fight” by throwing a punch first. The kicker was simply defending himself from the punch with his foot.

In an update to the story, TMZ reported that Chase has denied the driver’s version of events, because “he couldn’t even lift his arm at the time.”

This was confirmed by a rep for Chase who explained that just two days prior to the incident Chase had taken a bad fall on ice while walking his dog.

An MRI showed that the fall caused “a small break in his right shoulder … the same shoulder that allegedly got booted.”

ABC News wrote that according to the police report, the truck’s driver and the kicker are the same man, identified as 22-year-old Michael Landrio. Landrio “was released on an appearance ticket” and is slated to appear in court on March 5, 2018.

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