China Unveils Nuke Purpose-Built to Evade Defenses


For quite a while there has been an arms race between Russia, China and the United States to develop missiles capable of making it past increasingly-developed missile defense systems.

And on this matter, China has just made a giant leap.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, this month communist China successfully tested a supersonic nuclear missile — the Starry Sky 2 — designed to make it through current missile defense systems.

United States intelligence agencies, who have been monitoring China’s nuclear missile programs, confirmed the test.

The Starry Sky 2, according to Chinese state media, achieved an air speed of Mach 6 (4,603 miles per hour).

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While unable to address the Starry Sky 2, Strategic Command commander General John Hyten admitted that the regime was “conducting very aggressive testing of hypersonic glide capabilities.”

But he sought to assure citizens that the United States is “being aggressive as well.”

Although Hyten stated, “In some areas … I would say that the United States is ahead of China and Russia,” he also admitted that “in other areas, Russia and China are ahead of where we are.”

Given this arms race between the United States, Russia and China, Hyten said that the United States must develop missiles that are “able to go faster than our adversaries.”

Do you think China could hit us with a nuclear missile?

Pentagon official Michael Griffin also weighed in on the need for America to develop missiles more effective than the Starry Sky 2.

“My view is that this is not an advantage that we can concede to people who wish to be our adversaries,” said Griffin, who formerly worked for the NSA.

“And there is no reason why we should,” Griffin concluded.

Because of their bluster and saber-rattling, North Korea and Russia have been the focus of Americans for quite a while.

And with the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the focus has been on the Russian leader’s autocratic behavior.

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Meanwhile, China, a mammoth communist regime that did not implode along with the Soviet Union in 1989, has been making huge military strides, according to the Conservative Tribune.

Perhaps it is time to focus less on Trump and Putin and more on China, the country with the world’s largest air force and the one with the potential to hit us no matter how sophisticated our missile defense systems are.

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