Chris Pratt Mocks 'Woke Critics' After His Pro-America Show's Massive Success Proves Them All Wrong


A month after the Amazon Prime Video series first premiered, “The Terminal List” is still making waves as its main star mocked left-leaning critics for their harsh reviews.

Actor Chris Pratt took to Instagram on Monday, sharing a Daily Mail article that reported the show brought in 1.6 billion minutes in its first week despite the “woke critics.”

According to Nielsen’s Top Ten list, “The Terminal List” was the second most-streamed show in the United States from July 4-10.

Pratt soon followed up the Instagram story with a popular meme of Doctor Evil, saying “One point six BILLLLLLLLLION minutes,” from the “Austin Powers” film series, Fox News reported.

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In the Nielsen ratings, the Amazon series, which gained roughly 1.56 billion minutes, was well outpaced by Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” This came as no surprise considering fans could not wait any longer for the horror drama’s fourth season after a three-year hiatus.

Jack Carr, the author of the original book from which the series was adapted, shared on social media that it wasn’t made for reviewers.

Did you like "The Terminal List"?

Critics rated the show a 39 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, while it remains at 94 percent among general audiences. Despite the negative reviews, everyday Americans were not deterred from watching the eight-episode series.

The Terminal List” follows Pratt as PTSD-stricken Navy SEAL James Reece seeking revenge against government and military leaders who left his team for dead.

Many critics have labeled the series right-wing propaganda, the Daily Beast being a prime example in calling it an “unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy,” for promoting a patriotic message and conservative values in the story.

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While the series received mixed reviews, audiences loved the new anti-woke show for refusing to pander to any political or social ideology. As the Daily Mail wrote, viewers are calling it “the new Yellowstone,” another show conservatives have praised.

This was not the first time that Pratt drew the ire of leftist critics. Over the years, the public figure has received criticism for his conservative and Christian beliefs.

Pratt has been accused of attending a supposedly anti-LGBT Hillsong Church. He later denied these claims, according to Fox News.

Earlier this year, some social media users called for the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor to be replaced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe supposedly for his personal beliefs, Fox also reported.

Despite what critics may think about Pratt or his pro-military show, “The Terminal List” has proven that audiences are hungry for quality entertainment without a woke agenda that is so often present in today’s movies and television.

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