Chuck Schumer Thought About Eating a Tide Pod... and It Wasn't a Joke


During a stunning news briefing six years ago, current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer seemed to admit to having once almost eaten a Tide Pod.

He had been speaking at the briefing about the then-growing trend of children consuming Tide Pods when he made the astonishing remark, according to the New York Daily News.

“The incidents are skyrocketing. These pods were supposed to make household chores easier, not tempt our children to swallow harmful chemicals. I saw one on my staffer’s desk and I wanted to eat it,” he had reportedly said.

He never specified whether he actually tried to consume the Tide Pod, though the mere fact that he found it delicious-looking is disturbing enough by itself.

As a reminder, here’s what a Tide Pod looks like:

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Perhaps I’m just a picky eater, but that doesn’t look appetizing to me.

Regardless, Schumer’s remarks made it back into the limelight this week courtesy of Time magazine, which penned a report titled, “Chuck Schumer Totally Predicted the Tide Pod Phenomenon Way Back in 2012.”

“It appears that Sen. Chuck Schumer may have predicted the so-called Tide Pod Challenge that is currently sweeping the Internet way back in 2012. … (T)he Senate Democratic leader held a September 2012 press conference to warn of the risks associated with the colorful appearance of the detergent capsules,” the report read.

Do you know anyone who's participated in the "Tide Pod" challenge?

Fair point, although Time further noted that the current trend affects teenagers and young adults, not just children. For some inexplicable reason, some teens feel compelled to partake in a so-called “challenge” wherein they record themselves consuming a Tide Pod and then share the video on social media.

To find out what happens when a teen consumes a Tide Pod, watch the informative video below:

Last month the American Association of Poison Control Centers reported that it had “seen a large spike in single-load laundry packet exposures among teenagers since” the challenge began.

“The resulting health implications from misuse can be serious. Known potential effects include seizures, pulmonary edema, respiratory arrest, coma, and even death,” the AAPCC warned.

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“Everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of swallowing the contents of a single-load laundry packet. Only use the packets for their intended use and be sure to store them up and away,” said Stephen Kaminski, the CEO and executive director of the AAPCC.

And this applies to you too, Chuck Schumer, you cantankerous little rascal.

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