CNN Anchor Admits Trump Just Had His 'Best Week Ever'


CNN anchor John Avlon said Tuesday that “there’s no denying” that President Donald Trump just had “his best week ever.” He added that, not surprisingly, Trump is seeing a bump in his job approval rating as a result.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota introduced Avlon’s “Reality Check” segment on the network’s “New Day” program saying the president is on a “political winning streak.”

“Here is the reality: Four weeks from today, voters will be heading to the polls. And just in time, the reality show president can claim his best week ever,” Avlon said. “There is no denying it. Trump has been on a bit of a winning streak in big areas of jobs, trade and judges, which his party could definitely use after trailing in the polls.”

Avlon went on to list Trump’s string of good news stories.

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“So let’s start with jobs, always the core promise of Trump’s presidency,” he said. “On Friday, new job numbers came out showing a nearly 50-year low in the unemployment rate, 3.7 percent in September. You have to go all the way back to 1969, Woodstock, to find a lower unemployment rate.

“And while it’s fair to point out this is the culmination of an eight-year recovery, this new low is on Trump’s watch and that’s great news for the country.

“Also, Trump filled a major campaign promise, successfully renegotiating NAFTA, re-branding it the USMCA,” Avlon added. “This is no revolution, the basic premise remains intact, but Trump played hardball and gained concessions to benefit workers.”

Some of the concessions included a requirement that 75 percent of car parts be made in North America and that 40 percent of the cars must be made by workers earning $16 per hour or more.

Do you think Trump had his best week ever as president?

Canada also agreed to lower trade barriers on U.S. dairy products.

Avlon then turned to the Supreme Court, pointing out with Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Trump has placed as many justices on the Supreme Court in less than two years, than his predecessor Barack Obama put on in eight.

In all, Trump has put 69 judges on the federal bench, including 26 circuit court judges. The latter far exceeds any recent president.

Avlon noted that the president’s job approval number has improved from 36 percent in September to 41 percent this month, according to his network’s polling.

The anchor observed that Trump’s improving number comes just in time for Republicans and the midterm elections.

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But Avlon offered a “cold shower alert” that the rating is still historically low and a president with less than a 50 percent job approval has lost an average of 37 seats in the House of Representatives.

“But this unprecedented president knows a thing or two about defying polls and political history,” said Avlon. “And Trump can credibly claim his best week ever.”

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