CNN Correspondent Posts New Update on John Fetterman's Health, But People Aren't Buying It


On Tuesday, CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju offered an update on Twitter on the health of Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman that left many people feeling skeptical.

Fetterman suffered a stroke last May just before the Democratic primary — which he won in a landslide.

The severity of the stroke was later revealed during the general election as the state’s then-lieutenant governor struggled with basic communication.

That was no more evident than during his lone debate last fall with GOP nominee Mehmet Oz.

Viewers of the debate witnessed how difficult it was for Fetterman to communicate, even with the assistance of closed-captioning technology.

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The race was close, but Fetterman came away as the winner.

His two months in the Senate might have some voters feeling buyer’s remorse, though, as he has spent most of that time hospitalized.

The senator was first admitted to a hospital after experiencing dizziness last month. Days later, he was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after exhibiting symptoms of clinical depression.

He has remained out of sight there, and the public has been kept in the dark about his condition.

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Raju, who is paid by far-left CNN, offered an update on Fetterman’s health online Wednesday afternoon.

“John Fetterman is making progress in his recovery from clinical depression and could leave Walter Reed within next two weeks, a person close to the senator told me. The senator’s physician recently informed him that he will be ‘as good or better than his best days post-stroke,’” Raju tweeted.

He added, “Fetterman’s stay has lasted this long because the doctors have been trying to get his “medication balance exactly right,” per source. For instance, doctors learned his blood pressure med was too high, which may have contributed to dizziness when he went to GW hospital last month.”

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Given the secrecy surrounding the senator and Raju’s role as a reporter with a network most Americans do not trust, people were not shy about sharing their skepticism in regard to his update:

Fetterman is of course a human being with children, and he deserves prayers for good health.

But people are in no way obligated to believe he is capable of representing the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania — not until he offers a personal update assuring them he is up to the task.

As for Raju, his job at CNN comes with an inherent obligation to run cover for Democrats, and not to report the news objectively.

He has worked hard to earn his skeptics, of which there are many.

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