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CNN Disgraced After Someone Counted How Often Network Mentioned Hunter Biden vs. Dog the Bounty Hunter

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The skeletons emerging from the closet of Hunter Biden should be dominating today’s headlines.

Over the past month, several scandals surrounding the president’s son have been revealed, many of which suggest President Joe Biden may be complicit in corruption.

Nevertheless, many establishment media outlets — outlets that feign political neutrality — have given these stories scant coverage, if they’ve even covered them at all.

Kyle Martinsen, a researcher for the Republican National Committee, pointed out how preposterous this lack of coverage truly is.

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Martinsen found that over the past month — from Sept. 19 to Oct. 19 — CNN’s coverage has mentioned Dog the Bounty Hunter (the reality star celebrity has been in the news as he searches for Brian Laundrie) more than Hunter Biden.

And not just slightly more. CNN has given Dog the Bounty Hunter twice as much coverage.

Is the establishment media covering for the Biden family?

In all of the outlet’s coverage, CNN mentioned Hunter Biden a total of four times and Dog the Bounty Hunter a total of eight.

The RNC researcher arrived at these findings by using NewsBase, a keyword search engine found on

Even more disturbing is the fact that of the four times Hunter Biden was mentioned, none of them concerned any of the corruption scandals, Breitbart reported.

During this time period, Hunter Biden scandal after Hunter Biden scandal continued to break, shining a light on possible corruption in the White House.

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For instance, on Oct. 7, it was revealed that, while his father was serving as vice president, Hunter conducted business with a CCP-connected group.

Then, on Oct. 10, a report found that the amount of federal loans given to the art gallery representing Hunter Biden more than doubled after Joe Biden became president.

Lastly, perhaps the most shocking report, released on Oct. 12, showed that Joe Biden may have paid for Hunter’s illicit 2018 drug and prostitution binge.

CNN should feel embarrassed and ashamed.

The outlet watched former President Donald Trump’s family like a hawk, attacking whenever there was even a slight whiff of controversy.

Now that CNN has the man it wants in the White House, the outlet is nowhere to be found.

No wonder most Americans no longer trust the news.

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