After CNN Host Can't Remember Name of a Key Trump Aide, Sarah Sanders Takes Him to School


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t hold back after CNN’s Chris Cuomo disparagingly forgot an Indian-American White House staffer’s name.

While bashing President Donald Trump for calling some third-world countries “s—holes,” the CNN anchor on Monday referred to Raj Shah, who serves as the principal deputy White House press secretary, as “Raj whatever-his-name-is.”

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“Remember… we went to the White House when it happened, Raj whatever-his-name-is didn’t back off the words,” Cuomo said of Shah.

“Caitlin Collins then talked to a staffer and they said ‘yea, that’s what he said and we believe the base is OK with (using that word), just like the NFL stuff,'” he continued.

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Cuomo’s language was odd given the segment completely centered around criticism of the president for making offensive remarks toward third-world countries and the people who immigrate from there.

During another segment, Cuomo — seemingly not remembering his last name — referred to Shah simply by his first name.

Shah took to social media to inform Cuomo what his name is.

This isn’t the first time CNN has mistaken Shah’s identity.

Late last year, the network featured a picture of a different Raj Shah who serves as the Rockefeller Foundation’s president, and identified him as the Trump staffer, according to The Daily Caller.

Following Cuomo’s botched reference on Monday, Sanders eviscerated the news outlet.

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Sanders, a longtime critic of CNN, put the network on blast for continually misremembering an Indian-American’s identity — something a liberal would harshly criticize a member of the Trump administration for doing.

Cuomo apologized for the mistake and gave an open invite for Shah to appear on the show.

It is yet to be known if Shah will appear on the CNN program.

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