CNN Reports ICE Is Detaining a Nursing Mother but ICE Says Medical Records Prove That's Fake News


Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a long history of releasing captured illegals if they meet certain humanitarian requirements, such as breastfeeding their children.

That made a CNN report claiming ICE had apprehended and held the nursing mother of a 4-month-old baby all the more tantalizing for the ICE-hating left.

CNN reported that the mother of three was detained in August while working in Mississippi. The title of the CNN piece is “A breastfeeding mom is still being held in an ICE facility 12 days after being detained, attorneys say.”

In the media’s increasingly typical melodramatic fashion (as opposed to journalistic detachment), CNN’s Hollie Silverman wrote, “Maria Domingo-Garcia left for work 12 days ago, and she hasn’t been home… The mother of three has been separated from her 4-month-old daughter — who she still breastfeeds — since being picked up during a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid at Koch Foods in Morton, Mississippi.”

Silverman continued, “When a woman is breastfeeding, her body continues to produce milk that needs to be expressed or it can cause pain and swelling. In a video posted online by The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, Domingo-Garcia’s husband tried to bottle-feed the crying infant as he explained that he has friends in the area but no family to help care for the children.”

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One of the lawyers representing Domingo-Garcia, Juliana Manzanarez, claimed her client “is in a lot of pain because of not being able to pump or breastfeed.”

Domingo-Garcia’s other attorney, Ybarra Maldonado, claims ICE hasn’t asked her “not even one time — if she’s been breastfeeding.”

There’s just one problem with everything CNN’s reporting.

ICE says it has a medical report that shows Doming-Garcia was not even lactating when she was apprehended.

Have you lost all trust of CNN?

According to The Daily Caller, ICE spokesman Bryan Cox said, “All ICE detainees receive medical, dental and mental health intake screening within 12 hours of arriving at each detention facility; that screening includes a woman being asked if she is breast feeding. During her initial medical screening, Ms. Domingo-Garcia answered no to that question.”

Out of an abundance of caution, however, after media reports like CNN’s circulated, ICE ordered another medical exam, and that exam too concluded that Domingo-Garcia is not lactating.

At the time of writing, neither CNN nor Silverman responded to our request for comment, and CNN’s story online contained no notes regarding specific updates and continued to refer to Domingo-Garcia as “breastfeeding.”

The hackery, however, doesn’t stop there. Not only does CNN appear to have gotten the entire premise of the story wrong — according to ICE, the network’s story also wrongly reported Domingo-Garcia’s country of origin as Guatemala, when she is actually a Mexican national.

CNN stopped being a credible journalistic organization years ago. What they have become is a weaker version of MSNBC — in the tank for the left and willing to spin, bend and even break the truth to advance that agenda.

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And, of course, what the network’s reporting didn’t even touch is the idea that had Domingo-Garcia simply obeyed the law, she would not be in her current predicament.

CNN and the rest of the establishment media delight in picking up stories halfway through. They report as if suddenly, poof, illegals are in jail and in detention facilities for no reason other than the fact that they exist inside the United States’ border.

But that’s not true. These illegals didn’t start out in jail. And they didn’t start out in the U.S. They started out elsewhere and came to the United States by breaking the law.

Conservatives need to sympathize with those wanting to come to America. We should welcome those who will improve our country, and we should wish the best for those who don’t make that cut. And we should refuse to compromise when the establishment media and the left try casting us as heartless villains.

We are the ones who want the best — not only for immigrants — but also for our fellow countrymen. The left has deserted our fellow countrymen so that they can create dependent voting blocks.

Leading up to 2020 we need to take every opportunity to remind voters of the jarring truth that the left cares far more about getting new votes from illegals than about preserving the freedoms of U.S. citizens.

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