CNN Runs Biden Propaganda, Doesn't Mention Operation Warp Speed Once in Piece on Vaccine Program


The pandemic is easing, and the United States can finally begin looking toward a post-coronavirus future.

However, the effort to revise history is already getting underway, with the world’s most reliable source — CNN, of course — trying to cast former President Donald Trump as an irredeemable Disney villain and President Joe Biden as the conquering hero of COVID-19.

In an article Monday that is allegedly news rather than opinion, CNN argued, “For the last 100 days, President Joe Biden and his top advisers have mounted an urgent, wartime effort to get millions of coronavirus vaccines into the arms of Americans in order to beat back a pandemic that has upended the world for the better part of year.”

This “urgent, wartime” effort has contributed to the United States going from “one of the worst Covid responses in the world to being a global leader in getting shots in arms,” according to the article.

Even more egregiously, CNN claimed that Trump had “no long-term plan to vaccinate millions of Americans.”

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The network unsurprisingly has Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Biden’s chief medical adviser, in its c0rner.

“There was not really a well-articulated, long-range playbook to get the vast majority of the people vaccinated,” Fauci told CNN. “That’s where I think the full-court press of the Biden administration really, really stepped up to the plate and did it well.”

True to form, nowhere in the article do three critical words appear: Operation Warp Speed.

Then-President Trump announced the effort on May 15, 2020. The goal of Operation Warp Speed was to accelerate the development and distribution of vaccines combatting COVID-19 and to have the first of at least 300 million doses ready by January.

Should Trump get more credit for Operation Warp Speed?

“That means big and it means fast — a massive scientific, industrial and logistical endeavor unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project,” Trump said, referring to the World War II-era research and development of the first nuclear weapons.

The so-called “experts” didn’t think his goals were achievable. Academic journals and Fauci alike said that developing vaccines would take years.

An NBC News “Fact Check” said it would take a “miracle” for Trump to be right about developing a vaccine in 2020.

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Vanity Fair even proclaimed that Operation Warp Speed was “dangerous and likely to fail.”

And yet, they were all proven wrong. The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, which were full participants in Operation Warp Speed, received emergency regulatory approval in December and February, respectively.

The Pfizer vaccine, which was a participant in virtue of the U.S. government’s large advance order, received emergency regulatory approval in December as well.

In addition, getting shots in arms would not have been a problem if Trump had won a second term. A Government Accountability Office report indicates that the Trump administration had ordered 800 million vaccine doses to cover the nation through 2022.

Furthermore, as Paul Roderick Gregory noted in a piece for The Hill, Biden’s celebrated vaccine distribution plan is almost identical to Trump’s. In the end, based on the United States’ federal system, states were always going to be the primary drivers of vaccine distribution. That is happening under Biden and would have happened under Trump.

Fortunately, even if CNN and the Biden administration want to control the narrative, people are beginning to wake up.

Zaid Jilani, who formerly wrote for multiple progressive outlets, declared Friday that Operation Warp Speed was a “miracle on par with the Apollo Project.”

This might be naive of me, but I am really starting to believe that the mainstream media has finally worn out its welcome. It seems like Americans are paying far more attention to the spin and lies than ever before and are choosing to make their own decisions about their own lives.

Independence and resilience have always characterized the American spirit. Hopefully, we can expand those traits far beyond the means of ending the pandemic.

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