Colin Kaepernick Digging Himself Into Deeper Hole Over What He Just Said About His White Adoptive Parents


Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is once again throwing his white adoptive parents under the bus in front of the whole world.

Kaepernick, known for grifting off of racial grievance narratives, recently released a graphic novel entitled “Change the Game”, which details how as a high school senior, he refused to pursue a career in baseball, calling it a “white man’s sport,” and instead chose football.

In addition, the graphic novel depicts his white adoptive parents as loving, but also ignorant and out of touch with their son’s black identity. In essence, Kaepernick embarrassed his parents in front of the world.

In a recent interview with the book’s co-author Eve L. Ewing, Kaepernick doubled down on the stance taken in the novel about his parents and is now receiving intense backlash from his comments.

In discussing how other “trans-racial adoptive” kids could possibly see themselves in the novel, Kaepernick said, “It is very difficult for people to have a nuanced conversation around it . . . the people that love you and that you love can also perpetuate very problematic elements.”

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So much for “nuance” it seems. Instead, Kaepernick seems to imply that all white people, even those who willingly adopt and love black children, are still guilty of some form of racism, including his own parents.

Do you find Kaepernick’s actions to be horrible?

Naturally, Kaepernick’s comments were met with a quick backlash on social media with people pointing out how selfish it was for him to throw his own parents under the bus after all they had done for him to help him become the celebrity he is today.

One Twitter user wrote, “That is a classless thing to do.”

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Another simply wrote, “He’s a terrible human being.”

Indeed, it really takes a special kind of entitlement and selfishness for someone like Kaepernick to speak like that about a family that loved him. This really is a classless thing to do.

Kaepernick might get along well with Prince Harry, another privileged celebrity who recently wrote a book slamming his own family. It seems like this is a trend among woke, entitled celebrities.

Kaepernick’s parents made a lot of sacrifices in order to raise him, so the fact that he is speaking about them this way publically is really just disturbing.

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