'Come Here': Young Girl Refuses Biden's Attempt to Lure Her Into the White House


President Joe Biden continued his lengthy chain of creepy gaffes around children when he tried to take a little girl into the White House in response to her question about what it’s like to live there.

To her credit, the girl refused Biden’s cringeworthy offer, evoking awkward laughter from the crowd.

The incident occurred Thursday when the 80-year-old career politician fielded questions from kids who had gathered for a Take Your Child to Work Day event on the South Lawn of the White House.

At one point, Biden was heard saying, “Yes, baby?”

Then, a little girl asked: “What’s it like in the White House?”

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He replied: “Well, what’s it like in the White House? Well, here. Come here. You hang with me for a minute and I — You don’t want to go into the White House? OK, all right. OK.”

While the president and the girl were obscured by the crowd in the video of the exchange, it seems as though Biden tried to lure her into the White House but she refused.

Would you let your child be alone with Biden?

And who could blame her? Just because someone is the president doesn’t mean children should automatically trust him.

It was reminiscent of an incident in 2021 when Biden caressed a 7-year-old boy and whispered to him, “Meet me after this and I can show you the around the White House.”

Normally, being offered a tour by the sitting president is a great honor.

But in both these instances, Biden spotlighted once again that he’s blind to optics and does not know how to read the room.

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Given the criticism he has faced for his long, well-documented history of overly tactile encounters with small children, you’d think the president would be more cautious.

Perhaps when you have engaged in such cringeworthy behavior for decades, it becomes a habit that’s hard to break.

At this point, such incidents are the least of Biden’s worries, since his dumpster-fire presidency has been painful both to observe and to experience firsthand.

From raging inflation to an unprecedented border crisis to terrifying nationwide crime waves, weary Americans can only speculate how much worse things will get if he’s re-elected.

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