Conservative Actor Nick Searcy Rewrites 'Imagine' for Self-Righteous Liberal Actors and It's Epic


Imagine being so self-righteous that you think butchering a John Lennon song and posting it on Twitter will make Americans forget your disdain for them during a nationwide self-quarantine.

That’s what a number of Hollywood liberals appeared to do when “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot enlisted them for a social media rendition of the 1971 hit “Imagine.”

Thankfully, the left doesn’t have a monopoly on creativity, despite the overwhelming presence of liberals among entertainment’s so-called elite.

It’s obvious they don’t own the rights to talent, either.

Conservative film actor and director Nick Searcy put out his own version of the song on Sunday, slamming his fellow celebrities while simultaneously upstaging their atrocious singing.

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Searcy’s hilarious rendition came days after Gadot posted her video on Instagram last week:

“Hey guys. Day six in self-quarantine. And I’ve got to say that these past few days got me feeling a bit philosophical,” Gadot said.

“You know, this virus has affected the entire world, everyone — doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, we are all in this together.”

Do you wish there were more conservatives in Hollywood?

After saying she was inspired by a video of an Italian musician entertaining his neighbors from the isolation of his balcony, Gadot began the celebrity singalong.

The entire thing was just — really bad.

Even establishment media outlets didn’t quite know what to make of it.

The New York Times described the video as a “multi-celebrity car-crash” that nobody “deserves” to have to listen to.

Being indoors all day can be emotionally taxing, I’ll concede that much to Gadot and her friends.

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But their celebrity serenade missed whatever target it was aiming for by a mile.

Thankfully, Searcy’s “Imagine” rendition is actually worth watching.

The actor plays his own piano, and his lyrics inspire laughter, which is something many people could use at the moment.

“Imagine there no acting, it’s easy if you try. No TV shows or movies, streaming going dry,” Searcy sings. “Imagine all the people reading lots of books.

“Imagine there’s no audience, it isn’t hard to do. You’ve told half of them you hate them, what the hell do you think they’re gonna do?”

“Imagine all the people turning off your show,” Searcy croons.

“You may say I’m a Trumper, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and go out and buy a gun!”

The “Gosnell” director wrote, “Imagine along with me” in the caption of his Twitter post.

Searcy has proven he is not afraid of taking on Hollywood’s liberal establishment.

In a 2015 interview with The Telegraph, the actor commented on his penchant for pushing the buttons of his fellow actors, simply stating, “I know people have feelings. That’s why I try to hurt them.”

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