Conservative Street Artist Targets Zuck and Chuck Schumer with New Project


Los Angeles-based street artist Sabo is reportedly plastering posters calling out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for their purported lack of care of social media users’ online privacy.

The posters, which are being displayed in various parts of New York City, include creepy depictions of the tech executive and the elected official, while advertising a new website “”

One sign depicts Zuckerberg and Schumer as one person, with one half of each of their faces fused together (like Batman villain Two-Face). Another shows a cockeyed Zuckerberg looking at a computer with Schumer over his right shoulder, and convicted former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner taking a wide-eyed, shirtless selfie (seemingly the same infamous one sent to a 15-year old).

“You can’t watch your kids 24/7, BUT WE CAN,” the poster reads, with Facebook’s logos at the bottom.

Somewhat authentic looking street signs (as in fraudulently government sanctioned) are also appearing, including one that reads “Caution Facebook Sells Your Data.”

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While Weiner’s inclusion in the posters is likely just related to his creepiness, Schumer’s seems to be due to a number of reasons, like a familial relationship with the tech giant.

“Conflict of Interest? The daughter of CHUCK is working for ZUCK,” another sign with “#ZuckSchumer” reads.

Schumer has also expressed a reluctance to have the federal government intervene in the tech industry, sharing some concerns that seem mild relative to some of his fellow party members, as well as congressional counterparts.

“Facebook is a very powerful force,” Schumer said during a recent interview with Recode. “I think, overall, it’s been a very positive force and now people are taking advantage of the openness of the net. And Facebook has an obligation to try and deal with it.”

Zuckerberg is the other focus of Sabo’s ire and ridicule.

Facebook has been criticized harshly in recent weeks for allowing, or indirectly encouraging, the manipulation of its services. The company disclosed in March that it was suspending a data analytics firm that worked with President Donald Trump’s campaign because it violated a contractual agreement and misused user information, like online traits and actions.

Zuckerberg later apologized — albeit with some defensiveness, a delicate line he’s walked before — saying “we have a responsibility to protect your data.”

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Schumer’s office and Facebook did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s inquiry into how they respectively feel about the public protests.

Sabo is often described as a conservative street artist.

While he has created unique pieces of artistic propaganda directed at people of all political affiliations, the fairly mysterious Sabo seems to target those on the left end of the political spectrum.

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