Do Conservatives Have a Deep Plant Tricking Democrats into Suicidal Kavanaugh Attacks?


Have you wondered why, exactly, the Democrats are making every mistake imaginable on Brett Kavanaugh? Or why Kavanaugh continues to endure this sick circus? And why Chairman Grassley lets it drag on?

I have. And this possible explanation would have been jeered as absurd three weeks ago when the Kavanaugh hearing started. But it sounds more and more plausible with each passing day as the left’s strategy takes increasingly macabre twists.

So, what if at or near the core of the Ford accusations is an undercover conservative continually nudging the left’s Powers That Be toward suicidal strategies and over-reactions through bad leads and fake facts designed to guide them into impossibly awful decisions? That’s the first thing.

Second, while that’s happening, another conservative operative is continually bolstering Kavanaugh’s will to stay the course because the longer his crucifixion continues, the more energized everyone in the GOP becomes (not just Trumpers) before the midterms.

The operative would have pitched Kavanaugh the idea that by suffering publicly, he would not only inevitably be confirmed but would also be the second half of the duo who set the American left back at least one generation and possibly more (Trump being the other half), literally prolonging the life of the Republic. He would also become a conservative legend, not unlike Thomas or Bork.

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Third, Grassley intentionally let the confirmation circus continue, allowing the left’s increasingly insane behavior to amp up to maximum before he shut things down. Barring outright violence, it seems to me the Michael Avenatti show, the Ted Cruz attack, and the introduction of Deborah Ramirez signal peak unhinging of the left.

But maybe they haven’t peaked and these insiders know it. What if whoever is feeding the Democrats bad advice, Kavanaugh, and Grassley are so confident in where they’re going that they let this continue in a very controlled manner, giving the left the opportunity to use its last and favorite weapon — violence — before the midterms?

Think about it. News broadcasts filled with video of leftists burning things, wrecking property, accosting ordinary citizens, and all to crucify a man against whom there is zero evidence.

All that will do is geometrically increase the rate of galvanization among Trumpers and conservative anti-Trumpers, driving a GOP midterm turnout that neither side expects.

Have the leftists overplayed their hand on Brett Kavanaugh?

Earlier today, I saw a Twitter post from someone saying he has roughly 15 conservative friends, varying from 100 percent pro-Trump to 100 percent anti-Trump. He said after what’s happened with Kavanaugh, every single one of them is going to crawl over glass to vote in November if they have to.

The idea of any conservative crawling over glass to vote in the 2018 midterms was laughable a month ago. Today it’s anything but.

Now maybe this really is just a kooky conspiracy theory. But does that really matter? Regardless of the cause, the outcome of all of this seems certain — and genius.

The left has disastrously overplayed, conservatives are galvanizing for November, it’s entirely possible that literal leftist violence is a day or two away, and Kavanaugh’s confirmation is assured.

And none of this will be forgotten soon. Remember, Andrew Breitbart said the attempted lynching of Clarence Thomas is what set him on course to destroy the left. How many more young Breitbarts are watching this much worse spectacle bleed into their newsfeeds every day?

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Whatever is happening — whether it’s conspiracy or Providence — the left has suddenly imploded six weeks before the most critical election for the Democratic Party since FDR’s first win in 1932.

If they lose this election, Trump’s presidency will be validated, judicial confirmations will continue, regulations will be further rolled back, taxes can be cut again, and the left will descend into a madness rarely seen — a madness that will cure even the most well-meaning, bleeding heart Americans of any notions of leftist tolerance or compassion and replace those notions with first-hand knowledge of the left’s hyper-violent tendencies and insatiable will to power.

All of this means we have a chance to do generational damage to the left. These chances come once or twice in a lifetime. That’s why we absolutely must vote in November.

If you’re stuck with a RINO, say “screw it” and vote for him anyway. You owe it to your country, your family, and frankly you owe it to Brett Kavanaugh and his family.

Their suffering has given America a chance like we haven’t had in decades. Let’s make sure they didn’t suffer in vain.

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