What Conservatives Want To Know About the Left: What the Heck Do These People Want?


When I was a young man I worked as a waiter for a time. Certain customers would occasionally come into the restaurant who were a waiter’s worst nightmare.

These were people who had problems with everything from the moment they walked into the restaurant. Nothing pleased them — the table placement, the flatware, the waiter, the food, the wait for the food, the music being too loud or not loud enough or the wrong music. You name it — whatever it was, it was not what they wanted.

After I would take their meals back to the chef several times, he would finally erupt and throw whatever he happened to be holding in his hand at the time.

His booming voice would echo throughout the cavernous restaurant kitchen.

“What the hell do these people want?!!”

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Many of us find ourselves asking the same question about the political left.

What the hell do these people want?

Do they even know what they want?

OK, we get it — they hate Trump and want him gone. Yes, we know. We have heard this so often we don’t even hear it anymore. It’s become like background music in an elevator.

But besides getting rid of Trump, what else do they want? Or is that it? Just get rid of Trump and all will be well.

That is apparently the case, but can a political party win an election on a platform of simply getting rid of an administration without explaining how that would improve the lives of the American people?

As things stand right now the lives of the American people are pretty good — much better than they were before Trump was elected.

What is the left offering in place of the what we have right now?

This is what we have right now:

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A booming and growing economy, low taxes, low inflation, a strong dollar, a strong military, fewer governmental impediments to business success, a sense of nationalism and hope for the future, record low unemployment, highest employment levels ever for blacks and Hispanics, a greatly  improved trade agreement with Mexico and the European Union, a substantial reduction of illegal immigration, a great improvement in relations with North Korea, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a conservative majority on the Supreme Court with another appointment coming, American money returning to America, a boom in new industries, factories being built, 4 percent GDP, abolishment of gender-neutral restrooms, a restart of the American space program, great pride in America, a clean-up of the Deep State, withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, withdrawal from NAFTA, record-high value in the stock market, rapidly improving 401K’s, greatly improved border protection, withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, a president who works incessantly, a president who does as he says.

The results from the left taking over would be:

Socialism, government-controlled health system, elimination of immigration enforcement, open borders, citizenship for illegal aliens, reversal of the tax cuts, impeachment of President Trump, destruction of the coal industry, reinstitution of business-killing regulations, high taxes, high, unemployment, depleted 401K’s, low wages, dropping stock market, a struggling economy, increasing numbers on welfare, depleted military, increased social spending, losing respect in the world, end of North Korean peace talks, growing power of China, return to the old NAFTA agreement, return to Kyoto Treaty, return to carbon taxes, cessation of factory building, decimated auto industry, reestablishment of the Washington swamp culture, return to “Speak loud but carry a feather duster” diplomacy, rebirth of ISIS, reentering Iran nuclear deal, attacking Israel, greatly increased business and personal bankruptcies, a flat GDP.

Looking at what we have and what we would get from the left, no sane, logical person would ever choose the left. Yet millions of American voters will do just that.

Are these people insane and illogical?

Some think they are.

Michael Savage wrote a book titled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” This best-seller argued just that. He points out that liberals are intentionally trying to undermine the pillars of society that keep it stable and sane.

This includes marriage, established gender identification, the Ten Commandments, free speech, religion, parental authority, manners, respect, patriotism, and much more.

In 2012, The American Journal of Political Science did a study of the beliefs and actions of conservatives and liberals. They used Eysenck’s Psychoticism scale to measure each group’s tendencies toward psychoticism.

Under this scale, those suffering from psychoticism demonstrate the following traits: tough-mindedness, risk-taking, sensation-seeking authoritarianism, and impulsivity.

If you think about what the left does, says, and believes, it is easy to see why liberals ranked so high on the psychoticism scale and conservatives ranked so low.

If someone disagrees with leftists, rather than debating their differences of opinion, leftists’ first reaction is often violence — just look at antifa.

Liberals don’t hesitate to undertake policies that put society at risk — gender neural restrooms and encouraging teenagers to experiment with risky sexual practices.

Liberals engage in outrageous behavior to get attention — vagina hats and gay pride parades.

They seek to control all aspects of a person’s life — limits on the size of soda bottles to bans on plastic straws.

They do and say things that are highly inappropriate for the setting — turning John McCain’s and Aretha Franklin’s funerals into anti-Trump rallies.

Perhaps instead of asking, “What the hell do these people want?” we should be asking, “Who the hell are these people?” It would give us a much better answer.

The political left is a collection of people who will do things on impulse without considering the risks or the damage their behavior will cause to others.

Conservatives sometimes try to talk to those on the left, hoping to use logic, facts, and reasoning to persuade them to adopt a better way of thinking about something.

Those who have tried soon give up and declare it a lost cause.

Conservatives must realize they are, themselves, engaging in insane behavior by continuing to do the same thing to the same people and expecting a different result.

It is much better to leave the insanity to the left.

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