After the Kavanaugh Vote, Republicans Need Alaska To Do the Right Thing


Sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing but then it blows up in your face and hurts you and everyone else with you. An honorable person will admit the mistake and do what he can to make up for the damage he caused.

It’s time for Alaska to do that.

Alaska, you made a very big mistake. The Arizonans plagued conservatives for decades by sticking us with a Senate turncoat that we could rely upon to side with the liberals just when we really needed him. Alaska has now afflicted conservatives with another Senate turncoat even more disgraceful than John McCain. You sent us Lisa Murkowski.

Like McCain, Murkowski is a closet liberal but sometimes is so blatantly liberal that “closet” isn’t applicable. Conservatives thought McCain’s snickering vote to save Obamacare was as low as a turncoat could go – and then along came Murkowski and the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination.

With Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, we witnessed behavior by the Democrats that was so despicable it was a shock to conservatives who thought they had seen it all with the Democratic bottom-feeders.

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Democrats engaged in behavior that was so unethical, immoral, illegal, and reprehensible that the Senate has been permanently damaged by it. They demonstrated pathological cruelty with no remorse in creating lies to destroy a truly honorable man and his family. Not only did they feel no remorse or shame for doing such a heinous thing to innocent human beings but were quite proud of it and were viewed as heroes by their equally loathsome followers.

The liberal senators used hired protestors to intentionally disrupt the confirmation hearings.

They hid evidence from the conservatives on the confirmation committee for use as a lie-in-wait weapon to sabotage the nomination after the hearing had ended.

They sent their minions out to harass the Republican senators in their offices, homes, driveways and even when they were dining with their families in restaurants. They sent them to the Senate building to carry out riotous gatherings outside the building and throughout the hallways inside. They harassed Republican senators in the hallways and on the elevators. They threw beer cans at the Senate building.

Do you think Republicans can trust Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the future?

Their behavior was fascist in nature. They did not want Judge Kavanaugh to take the seat of Justice Kennedy, who liberals could count on to often take their side on court cases. With Kavanaugh in Kennedy’s seat, there would be a solid majority of conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court for a very long time to come. Such are the consequences of presidential elections.

The U.S. Constitution gives the Senate power to advise and consent on Supreme Court nominations through examining the evidence for and against a candidate. Knowing they would lose to the conservatives on Kavanaugh’s extraordinary qualifications, the liberals chose to use duplicity, chaos, and personal attacks to win – the standard tools of the fascist.

They were so destructive of both the process and the candidate himself that it appeared Brett Kavanaugh would be ruined as a man, lose the nomination, and be left with no career in the future.

It would take every Republican in the Senate to save Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

The choice was clear. If they voted for Kavanaugh, they were backing an honorable man who would make a superb Supreme Court justice and were standing against the disgusting, hate-filled tactics of the left.

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If Republicans voted against Judge Kavanaugh, they would be expressing their support of the left’s despicable behavior and agreeing that a bare allegation against a Supreme Court candidate that had absolutely no supporting evidence or corroboration would be the new acceptable standard for confirming the candidate.

Every Republican in the Senate voted in favor of Judge Kavanaugh except one – Lisa Murkowski.

It was clear from the beginning that Murkowski wanted to abort Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to give the liberals the opportunity to control the Supreme Court.

Lisa Murkowski is nothing less than a traitor to the conservative cause. There is no other way to describe her.

Alaska … you sent us Lisa Murkowski. You must admit your terrible judgement in doing that to the conservatives of this country. And you must do the honorable thing to make up for doing such a terrible thing to the rest of us.

Murkowski was re-elected in 2016. This means that if nothing is done, this traitorous sniper will be infecting all that Senate conservatives try to do until the year 2022. She has shown herself an enemy of conservatism and she can do immeasurable harm to us during the coming four years.

You might say that there is nothing you can do since there is no provision for recalling a sitting senator under the United States Constitution.

It is true that there is no provision for recall of a senator, but there is a 10th Amendment to the Constitution:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Since the recall of a senator by the state from which that senator was elected is not mentioned as a power given to the United States nor is it a power prohibited to the states, every state, therefore, has the power to pass laws empowering the voters of that state to recall their sitting senator.

Alaska, we need you to do this honorable thing.

We ask the citizens of Alaska to immediately begin contacting their state senator and their assembly member and tell them to initiate a bill to empower the Alaskan voters to recall a sitting senator from Alaska.

This is not a complicated matter and can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time with the adequate commitment.

The conservatives in the rest of the country can do nothing to protect our government from this poisonous senator. Only Alaskans have this power.

The conservatives of America will support you and will be forever grateful to your great state for re-calling Lisa Murkowski from the United States Senate to prevent her from doing any further damage to our country.

This is your moment.

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