Convicted Infant Killer Has His Execution Suspended by Newsom, Moved to Women's Prison and Reportedly Awaiting Taxpayer-Funded Trans Surgery


A man who sadistically murdered two innocent babies still of breast-feeding age, and stuffed them in Tupperware containers, is now being gifted breasts of his own, courtesy of California Governor Gavin Newsom and your tax dollars.

Welcome to the left’s bizarre concept of compassion.

Jason Michael Hann, who now goes as Jessica Marie Hann, received a death sentence in 2014 for the gruesome murders of his own infants, Montana and Jason, back in 2001 and 1999, according to the Daily Mail.

Montana was 10 weeks old, and Jason was just 2 months old.

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Montana’s body was discovered in an advanced state of decay, left abandoned inside an RV trailer that had once belonged to Hann after the vehicle was repossessed and put up for auction, according to Reduxx.

Montana’s body was discovered with her hand visible, tightly encased in multiple layers of duct tape that completely covered her head, the Daily Mail reported.

During the autopsy, it was revealed that Montana had suffered skull fractures resulting from “severe blunt force.” Additionally, her left tibia had been fractured, with the Arkansas medical examiner describing the injury as resembling the act of bending or twisting a leg as “if you wanted to break a pencil,” according to the Daily Mail.

A manhunt ensued for Hann, and he was found in April of that year with his then-partner, Krissy Werntz. Both Hann and Werntz were arrested by law enforcement.

Should Hann be executed?

Reduxx reported that when the police apprehended Hann and Werntz, they were in possession of a 1-year-old child, who was reportedly in critical condition with severe physical injuries such as a dozen broken ribs, retinal hemorrhaging, bleeding under the skin, and internal damage.

In the ensuing investigation, a connection was established between Hann and a storage locker in Arkansas, prompting local authorities to conduct a search.

There they unearthed another corpse, that of Hann’s 6-week-old son, who had been murdered by head trauma in 1999.

It later came to light that Hann had kept and traveled with both deceased infants before ultimately storing their bodies.

In 2013, Han was sentenced to death.

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In 2019, Hann, a convicted baby killer who probably wasn’t having an easy time in a men’s prison, “found transsexuality” and began to identify as a woman, as reported by KESQ-TV.

Within a year, he was transferred to the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF).

Initially, Hann remained on death row at the women’s facility, but after Newson signed an executive order suspending the death penalty in the state and mandated a stay on execution for all death row inmates, Hann was moved into the general women’s population.

Han’s partner Werntz, a real female, now frightened for her life, asked for a transfer and was moved out of the facility as Hans was given to move freely among the inmates.

Hans, like a fox in a henhouse, is now awaiting breast augmentation surgery.

Reduxx interviewed incarcerated women’s advocate Amie Ichikawa, who founded the campaign group WomanIIWoman and has been an outspoken critic of the gender self-identification policy in prison placement since Newsom signed the law, known as The Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act, which granted inmates the right to be housed based on their gender identity according to Reduxx.

According to the Los Angeles Times, California prisons were inundated with requests for new housing after the change was announced.

In the women’s facility, the women were warned to “expect sexual violence.”

According to Ichikawa, since the Act came into effect, 357 male inmates have requested transfers to women’s prisons.

Of these male inmates seeking transfer, 33.8 percent are registered sex offenders, according to Keep Prisons Single Sex USA.

Ichikawa said that women in prison are now deprived of opportunities for rehabilitation, living in a state of constant hyper-vigilance, leading to mass CPTSD symptoms. Meanwhile, male transfers are allegedly being provided with cosmetic procedures, such as facial feminization surgeries, laser hair removal, and Adam’s apple reductions — all paid for with taxpayer money.

“No one in prison or in the free world has ever died from having a healthy penis or vagina so these costly procedures are in no way life-saving,” Ichikawa said, according to Reduxx.

Ichikawa told Reduxx that “unspeakable” things happen in these women’s prisons under cover of darkness, leaving many of these women burdened with shame, rendering them unable to share the government-funded atrocities they endure.

The number of people hurt and traumatized by California’s gender self-identification policy leaves one wondering if the state’s government and their governor have any idea what happens in the real world.

Do they really believe that men can turn into women just because they filled out a questionnaire?

It’s hard to understand the evil that lurks in the minds of people like Han, but at least they are an anomaly, an abhorrence, something that should either be destroyed or put away forever.

But it’s even harder to understand when so-called “normal” people facilitate and even celebrate people like Han, gifting them with taxpayer cosmetic surgeries and allowing these predators to live among their prey.

Horrific as the murders committed by Han were, they cannot compare to the ongoing and daily increasing sexual violence and damage to women in prison caused by these “compassionate” laws passed by an administration so determined to push an agenda that they have become completely blind to right and wrong.

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Rachel Emmanuel has served as the director of content on a Republican congressional campaign and writes content for a popular conservative book franchise.
Rachel M. Emmanuel has served as the Director of Content on a Republican Congressional campaign and writes for a popular Conservative book franchise.