Cop Asks Security Guard For Help, All She Can Do Is Pull Out Her Cell Phone


“Back the blue” is a phrase used by many Americans to show their support for law enforcement. But when it comes to actually backing the thin blue line, it turns out that some people just can’t be bothered.

A disturbing incident in Houston is now going viral after bystanders — including a female security guard — were too preoccupied with social media to help a police officer physically struggling with a suspect.

As video of the altercation shows, the incident took place at a gas station in Texas.

“Houston police arrested Davon Shavelle Miller, 17, after he had a fight with an officer,” reported KPRC News.

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“An officer pulled over Miller, who was driving a car connected to an aggravated robbery and shooting in Harris County,” the news station continued, citing the Houston Police Department.

After the dangerous suspect ran, the unidentified officer chased him and was finally able to take him to the ground. The struggle wasn’t over, however.

“While the officer is lying on top of Miller, Miller appears to grab the officer’s handcuffs,” explained KPRC.

One citizen did try to help the officer, but the physical fight was dragging on. As the cop tried desperately to subdue the wanted suspect, there was another person wearing a uniform on scene … but they were more focused on recording video than assisting the officer.

Should the woman in the security uniform have taken action sooner?

“Another bystander, dressed like a security guard, who appears to be recording on her phone, walks into the frame in the middle of the video. She walks around the officer and Miller during the scuffle,” reported the Houston TV station.

“Help me!” the officer was finally able to yell. Footage shows that the suspect may have been trying to grab the police officer’s gun. “Stop f—ing filming and help me!” the officer repeated.

Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union, was appalled at the passive nature of the bystanders.

“This guy is absolutely a threat. He had a pistol in his car that his girlfriend actually wrapped in a towel and threw it in the bushes while our officer (was) fighting with him,” Gamaldi explained.

“You know, a so-called security guard, a complete joke. She should be ashamed of herself,” the union representative lamented about the woman who had to be asked twice to help the struggling cop.

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To be sure, knowing exactly when to step in as a Good Samaritan can be tricky, especially in a litigious society.

When it comes to truly “backing the blue,” however, it’s safe to say that America could use fewer wanna-be social media stars … and a few more citizens who aren’t afraid to lawfully step in and have our officers’ backs.

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