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Cop's Body Cam Catches Moment Good Samaritan Takes Down Suspect on Run from Police


When a crime goes down, depending on the circumstances, it’s generally best to let the professionals handle the situation. Most civilians don’t have the training or intrinsic skill set necessary to assist authorities in superhero-like action and are better off not stepping in.

But there are also certain situations that require a quick mind and immediate action, and that’s where everyday heroes can jump in and make a difference.

Alou Bathily is a 21-year-old from West Africa who has lived for only two months in Manhattan. He delivers Dominos pizzas by bicycle, and gets to see plenty of things that go on around the city.

One day, as he was out on a delivery, Bathily noticed police officers shouting at a teenager who promptly took off.

Piecing together the scene before him, he started pedaling madly.

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As he tore after 17-year-old Lovell Ambrister, as the young man flung $50 bills from his pockets — an attempt to divert his pursuers attention.

But the pizza delivery man was not swayed, and the money was later discovered to be counterfeit.

Bathily told WCBS-TV that, before long, he cut the young man off and told him to halt.

“I say stop,” he recalled. “Now you got to stop.”

Ambrister was disinclined to obey, so Bathily hopped off his bike and pounced on the teenager, holding him at bay until the police arrived.

“The police man say to me… just thank you,” Bathily explained.

Apparently, Ambrister and a group of others had assaulted a woman earlier that day, pulling her hair and stealing her headphones. Bathily’s efforts enabled authorities to jail Ambrister for robbery, forgery and trademark counterfeiting.

In a similar case across the globe, a random civilian from Australia recently aided police in need, spotting a man on the run and a motorbike cop in hot pursuit.

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One look at Russell Smith and you can see why he would be a criminal’s worst nightmare. Smith, who just happened to be visiting the area from the Gold Coast, is ripped.

And it just so happens that after an officer discovered methamphetamine on a 40-year-old man at Lionel Perry Park, the man took off. But Smith saw and got in the man’s way.

In an attempt to avoid the man barreling toward him, the suspect was forced to turn back — directly into the arms of the cop in pursuit.

“I got ahead of him and then, basically, when he saw me in front of him he’s gone to turn and go the other way and at that stage the police officers grabbed him and then I’ve got on top to help support, keep him down,” Smith explained to 9news.

“At the end of the day you had an officer that was on his own and you had someone who possibly could’ve had weapons,” Smith said.

The good Samaritan claimed that he was just doing his job as a concerned citizen, but the police are considering giving him a formal recognition for his assistance.

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