Cops Get Phone Call from Man Being Followed, Find Pig on the Loose & Up to No Good


You’re heading home early in the morning, tired from a night’s work. Following your normal routine, you get off the train and leave the train station.

It’s a little after 5 a.m., and the morning light is warming up the sky. Ambling along, you soon get the sense that something else is ambling along after you.

The hairs on your neck stand up and a chill tears up your spine. There’s a shuffling noise, and is that… grunting?

You’d probably be at least a little on edge if you were in this situation. One gentleman who experienced something a little like this in Columbus, Ohio, was so unnerved that he called the cops.

The North Ridgeville Police Department later posted about the incident with a tongue-in-cheek write-up on Facebook.

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“At 5:26 this morning we received a call from a male who stated that he was walking home on Center Ridge from the Train Station in Elyria,” read the post.

“He went on to state that he was being followed by a pig and didn’t know what to do. A pig. Riiiight.”

Operators hear crazy stories all the time, but this one seemed outlandish. They assumed the caller was probably drunk and hallucinating.

Cops were surprised when they showed up on the scene… and there was a pig. A small black pig was indeed following the man.

“Upon arrival, they found a very sober male walking eastbound on Center Ridge near Maddock Rd. from the actual Amtrak train station in Elyria, not the bar,” the post continued. “Oh, and he was being followed by a pig.”

“Ptlm. Kuduzovic managed to wrangle… said pig into his cruiser and he is currently secured in our pig pens…, dog kennels. Whatever.”

The photo they posted on Facebook clearly shows the pig chilling in the back seat of the cruiser, though the dirty hoof-scrabble marks on the seat tell a tale.

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The poster had a laugh, too, beating commenters to the punch by using a punchline against themselves.

“Also, we will mention the irony of the pig in a police car now so that anyone that thinks they’re funny is actually unoriginal and trying too hard.”

Though the little piggy looks a bit like a wild boar, it wasn’t all that big. And, according to an update from the department, he was reunited with his owner just a few hours later.

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