Cops Interrogate Mother for Sharing Negative Opinion of Teen's Transsexual Surgery


A wife and mother in England is reportedly being investigated by British police for writing comments on Twitter that were critical of sex reassignment surgery.

According to Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, known on Twitter as Posie Parker, she received a message from the police after Susie Green, CEO of Mermaids, a U.K.-based advocacy group for transgender individuals, made a report to authorities complaining about Keen-Minshull’s tweets.

Green had taken her son Jack — now “Jackie” — to Thailand to get sex reassignment surgery at age 16, making him the youngest person in the world to undergo the procedure. As reported by the Daily Mail, Green also took Jack to the United States to receive puberty blockers four years earlier at age 12.

The Christian Post reported that Green’s primary complaint was that Keen-Minshull “had referred to ‘castration’ in tweets about her son, something that occurs in sex reassignment surgery.”

After Green’s report to law enforcement, police found Keen-Minshull’s details on Twitter and contacted her.

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Keen-Minshull said the police officer she spoke with chastised her for the tweets and “likened this new transgender human rights endeavor to prior struggles of blacks and gays.”

According to Keen-Minshull, the initial phone call from police led to authorities demanding a sit-down interview. She was reportedly told that if she didn’t come to the interview, she would be considered “wanted.”

“When she inquired what that meant, he responded that should she attempt to leave the country she would be arrested, and that if she happened to be pulled over while driving she would be arrested,” the Christian Post reported.

According to Keen-Minshull, police told her she was a “test case” in a new “human rights” fight in the UK.

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As reported by LifeSiteNews, Keen-Minshull is not a “conservative Christian or even a political right-winger—when I emailed her, she noted in her response that she is ‘a feminist and pro-choice.'”

“I may remind everyone here that I am a stay at home mother to four children and that I am a wife!  I’m not Jihadi John, I am not part of a grooming gang or paedophile ring, I haven’t hurt anyone or abused anyone. I am a woman with an opinion,” Keen-Minshull wrote on her website.

According to the Christian Post, Keen-Minshull’s case is not yet settled. “Police formally questioned Keen-Minshull on Feb. 23 and her case has been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service where it remains to be determined whether or not charges, and therefore a prosecution, will be brought,” the site reported.

Many on Twitter have come to Keen-Minshull’s defense. See below:

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“As far as the transgender ideology stretches I believe it is one of complete submission,” Keen-Minshull told The Christian Post on Monday. “Those that even raise questions are silenced with threats and accusations of bigotry.”

“We all have the capacity to be offended and offensive. We have to decide whether we want to criminalize this offense,” she added, noting that “in a world of billions I would hope the liberty of free speech is one we would extend to all, not just those we agree with.”

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