Country Star Dierks Bentley Has Incredible Reason for Why He Turned Down Working in Hollywood


For country music superstar Dierks Bentley, success isn’t measured by popularity in Hollywood, but by warm memories formed with his close-knit family.

The award-winning singer-songwriter, who kicks off his 28-city “Gravel & Gold” tour on Thursday, said he has turned down TV opportunities because the gigs would require him to spend too much time away from his wife and three children.

Besides, the Nashville, Tennessee, resident doesn’t want to go to Los Angeles. And who can blame him? The crime-infested, Democrat-run cesspool is dirty, overpriced and overrun with homeless vagrants and illegal aliens.

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“It requires, like, more time away from home and I just, I don’t want to,” Bentley told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday.

“I had a chance to audition for Larry David and I decided not to do it. Because again, I’m like, ‘Oh, if I get it, I don’t really want to go to LA.'”

He added: “I got a great gig. I love what I do.”

Despite not selling out his principles to chase more money and fame, the Country Music Hall of Famer has enjoyed a sensational career, which includes 21 No. 1 songs.

Bentley relishes his down-to-earth lifestyle in Nashville, which fits his unpretentious personality and family values.

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“It’s a regular neighborhood,” he told People in March.

“We’ve got kids coming in and out of the house and you can just park on the street. It’s just been great for my kids, great for our family, and great for my mental health.”

Bentley continued: “The city’s crazy. It’s growing out of control, and I could sit here and complain about it, or I can just lean into it and embrace some of the cool things that are happening.”

While some celebrities debase themselves to stay relevant in the fickle entertainment industry, the father of three has remained true to who he is throughout his 20-year career.

“I’ve tried to change and grow and get better at what I’m doing, but at the end of the day, I’m still the same guy I’ve always been, making music that feels good to me,” he told People.

Bentley’s “Gravel & Gold” tour kicks off Thursday in Toronto then heads to Detroit on Friday.

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