Couple Who Met While on Jury Duty Given 'Life Sentence' From Judge Over 2 Years Later


I am a sucker for a cute love story. I’m definitely the girl who sobs into her ice cream tub while watching her favorite rom-com … for the 100th time. I know I’m not alone.

While I can get caught up in cinematic plot lines, I’ll be the first to admit romantic comedies can be a little too serendipitous. They’re just too perfect.

So when I hear a story like Kris and Sarah Gerig’s, I feel like I can believe in true love all over again.

In August 2015 both Kris and Sarah were summoned to jury duty for a theft case in New Orleans. As the number of jurors dwindled, the odds of the two meeting became larger.

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“First there were 200 potential jurors. Then it was down to 30,” Kris told Good Morning America. “Then just six people on the jury, with one alternate.”

Who was the alternate? You guessed it. Sarah. *swoon*

Kris knows that their meeting was meant to be. They just barely missed the chance to meet each other multiple times.

Sarah remembers Kris as cute and funny, “He was the only one with a notebook and pencil.”

The trial only lasted two days and the two didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

Luckily they had to return to the courthouse the next day. This time, Kris didn’t waste any time and asked Sarah out to lunch.

Just a year later, they were engaged. Jokingly they had talked about getting married in the same courthouse where they had met.

“I had written a note to Judge Robin Pittman in the meantime letting her know we had met on the trial and were now together and very happy. She wrote back she was so happy for us,” Sarah said.

Not only did Judge Pittman approve the couple’s request to get married in her courtroom, but she also agreed to be the officiate! You could say she gave them a “life sentence.”

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The couple was happily married on March 14th. As for Judge Pittman, she’s been using the couple’s story when she talks to new jurors.

“I let them know that they never know they may be sitting next to their next boyfriend or girlfriend, next fiance,” she said.

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