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Couple Swept Out to Sea During Photoshoot on Wedding Day After Large Wave Crashes on Them

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The beach is a magical place, so it makes sense that when some people start planning their weddings, it’s one of the more common spots that gets chosen or at least considered.

The sparkling waves, glittering sand and expanse of sky and sea really add something to a ceremony — but the ocean cannot be controlled, and because of that, things don’t always go as planned.

You can’t always determine who or what is going to be in the background of the ceremony, how the weather will behave or who will show up unexpectedly — but when it comes to the ocean, there is one pretty standard rule of thumb.

You don’t turn your back on the sea. There are many photos to illustrate why this is a bad idea.

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In cases where the point of taking photos in the waves is to destroy the dress after the wedding, the concern is less pressing. A man by the user name Autogera posted one such video on YouTube in August 2019.

“I body slammed my wife into the ocean as we were trying to trash the dress,” he wrote in the caption. “One of the most memorable moments of our wedding for sure!”

While their floundering was intentional and good-natured, a much scarier scene recently unfolded in Laguna Beach, California, on Treasure Island Beach.

Ionel Coroama, an eyewitness who shot one of the videos, according to People, watched in horror as a man in a tux and a woman in a white gown posed on a rock just feet above the ocean.

As a wave built and started to break, it became clear that the bride and groom were in its way. The wave swept over the rock and knocked both of them into the water.

An onlooker called for help, and Coroama continued filming once lifeguards were on the scene.

Footage shows the bride being hauled out of the waves by two lifeguards, her dress a sodden mess.

Both the bride and groom reportedly are doing well and did not suffer any major injuries — a bit of a miracle considering the powerful wave and rocky outcropping.

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Many commenters seemed to recognize the rock formation. One person who identified herself as a professional photographer called out the stunt.

“I’m a wedding photographer that was insanely irresponsible,” she wrote. “I’ve shot there he is in a section with signs telling you how dangerous that is. I’m so glad everyone is ok.”

Many commented on the poor choice of location, while others made some pretty bad puns at the couple’s expense.

“Man! I am glad they are ok but this couple was gambling to put up to the challenge of ’til death do us apart’ … a little too soon there!” wrote one commenter.

“Love sweeps us off our feet.. but please let’s not be so literal next time!”

Thankfully this couple survived, and hopefully they won’t choose such a risky spot for their next family photos.

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