COVID Enforcers Try to Shut Down Packed Restaurant, Realize Their Grave Mistake When the Patrons Themselves Step In


Customers at a restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia, stood in solidarity to eject authoritarian health inspectors who tried to shut down the eatery while they were dining.

The brouhaha was captured on a viral video posted to Reddit.

It’s the latest incident in a growing movement around the world showing how people are fed up with Big Government ordering them to house arrest and shuttering small businesses using the coronavirus as an excuse.

The events unfolded on Saturday at Corduroy Restaurant, which is owned by Rebecca Matthews, according to CTV News.

In the video, Matthews confronted the inspectors, telling them they were trespassing on private property and should leave.

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“Who do you work for?” she asked while cradling a child in her arms.

“You see the signs on the door there,” Matthews said. “You understand what you’re doing here? You’re trespassing on my private property.”

One of the inspectors said he disagreed.

“You don’t agree. OK,” Matthews replied.

That’s when a chorus erupted among the restaurant patrons.

“Get out! Get out! Get out!” the patrons shouted in unison.

At that point, the health inspectors left, and the entire restaurant burst into congratulatory cheers and applause.

The inspectors were dispatched to Corduroy amid complaints that it had served customers on Friday and Saturday in defiance of local coronavirus shutdowns, according to CTV.

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Indoor dining is banned in British Columbia. After the incident over the weekend, Corduroy was shut down and its business license was suspended until April 20, the Daily Hive reported.

On Monday, Matthews went on Instagram and defiantly declared that she and other restaurant owners will not bend the knee to the government’s COVID-19 Gestapo.

“We’re not just going away,” she said, according to the Daily Hive. “We’re here to make a difference.”

Would you like to see more of this?

Matthews said she was protesting because “things need to change” amid ongoing government overreach.

“The reason why we did this was … not to make a couple of extra bucks or because we think we’re better than anyone else,” she said. “It’s because things need to change.”

The fact that mild-mannered Canadians are protesting coronavirus shutdowns shows just how frustrated people are with government infringement on their civil liberties and the media’s nonstop panic-stoking.

In the United States, Democrats and their media puppets are demanding that Americans submit to mask mandates and “vaccine passports” — all while cheerfully inviting armies of unmasked, unvaccinated illegal aliens into the country.

Vice President Kamala Harris — who was put in charge of the Biden administration’s border crisis last month — still has not visited the border.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who visited the border two weeks ago, said migrants are testing positive for COVID-19 at a rate seven times higher than the general U.S. population.

This is what happens to Americans whose young children don’t wear a mask while eating a snack: They and their children are callously told to leave airline flights.

In contrast, coronavirus-infected illegal aliens are warmly welcomed by Democrats, some of whom demand they receive taxpayer-funded “reparations” after defying U.S. sovereignty and violating federal immigration laws.

If Democrats were serious about stemming viral spread, they would close the borders immediately. But they won’t do so.

That tells you everything you need to know about the hypocritical left’s hollow virtue-signaling.

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