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I've Been Critical of Trump, But He's Dead Right To Tell Omar & America-Haters To Get Out

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Democrats and the establishment media hurling accusations of racism at President Donald Trump is nothing new. The volume of accusations being hurled, however, may be unprecedented after the president’s weekend tweets at Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar and her fellow squadmates.

Trump’s tweets, and the ensuing hullabaloo, need to be viewed clearly. The only way to do that is to strip away of all of the charged political rhetoric surrounding them.

So let’s use an analogy.

Let’s say you’re sitting in your favorite Italian restaurant, minding your business, and enjoying a good meal. Suddenly, somebody stands up and starts badmouthing the place.

He ignores that the menu is packed with super-popular dishes. Instead, he talks about the handful of dishes the restaurant has tried over the years that people didn’t like.

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He even criticizes dishes the restaurant hasn’t offered in years. He ignores that those bad dishes have been taken off the menu over time and that the restaurant staff is constantly working to eliminate other dishes that don’t meet it’s lofty standards.

He says the fact that the restaurant ever served those dishes in the first place means it’s a bad restaurant. Again, he ignores how popular almost everything else on the menu is.

In fact, he says, making the restaurant Italian was a bad idea in the first place because he doesn’t like Italian food. He ignores that the restaurant is packed full of people enjoying the food and that there’s a line of customers a mile long waiting outside the door.

He also makes a stink about the restaurant treating people wearing blue jackets like second class customers. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s wearing a blue jacket and has been given the very best table and food the restaurant has to offer.

Do you think Ilhan Omar and her "squad" hate America?

Would you ignore the way this unhinged guy is raging against your favorite restaurant, or would you eventually say, “Hey buddy, I’m trying to have a nice, peaceful meal in my favorite restaurant. … If you don’t like it, eat somewhere else.”

What if you were the manager of the restaurant? Would it be reasonable for you to tell the man you wish he would leave — not that you’re kicking him out, just that you wish he would leave? Would that be reasonable?

Let’s say that critical customer goes to the media and starts badmouthing you and your restaurant. Would it be reasonable for you to tweet out, “If you don’t like our restaurant, go back to the restaurant you used to eat at?”

We know the answers to those questions, and the answers are 100 percent common sense.

We also know how Omar and her fellow squadmates have talked about America as it exists today and as it was founded. They enjoy the benefits and blessings of the place they condemn. They gorge on its goodness while decrying it as wretched.

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Revisiting our restaurant critic friend, would it make sense to say his behavior is unreasonable, nonsensical and even bizarre? Of course it would.

By that same logic, then, what “the squad” is doing is unreasonable, nonsensical and even bizarre. So why don’t they get called out for their nonsense? Because they cloak it in the garb of race, which means most Americans won’t dare call them out for fear of being called racist themselves.

What’s most remarkable about this is that it betrays America’s actual lack of racism.  People are so afraid of being lumped in with true bigotry that they’ll let even the stupidest statements pass.

That doesn’t indicate racism. It indicates a visceral repulsion at the idea of racism — hardly the America that “the squad” criticizes day in and day out.

I’ve been plenty critical of Trump since before he was even a candidate. I don’t like his stance on trade. His use of populism concerns me. And some of his personal behavior really bothers me.

But he loves America, and that alone assures his skepticism of, and willingness to oppose, the left’s attempts to change the American experiment into a socialist straitjacket.

He despises anti-Americanism, not different races, creeds or orientations. If Trump wanted to be bigoted, why even bother with coded language like “go back [to where you came from]?”

After all, the new left now paints anyone questioning their extreme values as racist. (Remember how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was something close to a racist last week, according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?)

Trumped tweeted not because he’s a racist but because he finally got sick of Omar and company’s vomitatious and ubiquitous criticism of the greatest country in history.

A massive portion of the rest of the country is also sick of the same thing.

That portion includes Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Diamond and Silk, all of whom have rejected the absurd cries of “racism” from the left.

So why the ear-deafening clamor from faux-offended Democrats and media members? There are two answers.

First, Trump doesn’t fall into that category of Americans who fear being called a racist. He knows he isn’t, and that’s good enough for him. He will live as he likes, unafraid of the consequences of  being called something he’s not. That, by the way, is one reason beleaguered conservatives ran to him. They wanted someone who wasn’t afraid of the left’s smear machine.

Second, Trump hit the most sensitive nerve the American left has. They know that if the American public, which is generally patriotic, realizes the left despises America and is uninterested in preserving it, the public will turn on them en masse.

And Trump just told the entire world these leftist politicians despise America. He did what no other Republican president has ever done.

That’s why the frenzy. That’s why the howling. That’s why the chaos. He told the truth, and he’s simply not afraid of the only weapon they have to use against him — fake allegations of racism.

And the thing that fueled that response wasn’t especially political. Trump’s tweet was perhaps the result not so much of political calculation but of anger at our country being continually degraded by those who’ve benefited from it more than almost any other Americans ever will.

That’s one of the reasons I’m willing to overlook many of Trump’s foibles. At the end of the day, he loves my country and is determined to defend the American experiment against the left’s attempts to destroy it.

He loves my country and wants to protect it. I do too. They don’t. That’s not racism. And it’s not a lot more complicated than that.

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