CAUTION: BlackLivesMatter Announce Dangerous Plot At Major Shopping Center… Be On Alert

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis has announced that they will again protest at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, on Dec. 24, warning shoppers that “we won’t stop until we get” justice for Jamar Clark, a black man who was killed by Minneapolis police.

“Although they destroyed our occupation, they will not destroy our spirits,” the organization said in a Facebook post. “If we don’t get justice for Jamar Clark and Black Minnesotans, we will return to the Mall of America.”

Black Lives Matter had protested at the Minneapolis-area mall last Christmas Eve, as well.

Jamar Clark was a 24-year-old African-American killed by police in November. According to Breitbart, police were called to the scene after Clark was alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend and then assaulted the paramedics who responded.

He was eventually shot by police, who say Clark was reaching for one of their guns. Black Lives Matter contends that eyewitness reports say Clark was handcuffed at the time.

On its Facebook page, it called for the release of the tape of the shooting, the prosecution of the officers without a grand jury, the filing of “(f)ederal domestic terrorism charges against white supremacists who shot 5 protestors,” a “a safety plan to protect our communities” from the police, and an initiative to “Disinvest from police and reinvest in Black futures.”

The “white supremacists” who shot the protesters are several men who police reports allege were attacked by Black Lives Matter protesters first — something officials at the Mall of America are keenly aware of.

“The Mall of America is private property and as such has a right to prohibit protest in the mall,” Susan Gaertner, an attorney who represents the mall, told the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Thursday. “Mall of America will continue to prohibit protests on its property, no matter how righteous the cause may be, in order to protect the safety and experience of its guests.”

“Mall of America respects free speech,” she added, “just not on private property.”

That attitude probably isn’t going to sit that well with Black Lives Matter members, who have made it clear they will stop at nothing to disrupt the holiday season — perhaps even violence.

“We have endured an armed white supremacist terrorist attack where 5 of us were shot; police violence in the form of mace, batons, and less lethal projectiles; over 50 arrests on highway 94 and at the 4th Precinct; and freezing temperatures to demand justice for Jamar Clark,” they said in the Facebook statement. “If it’s not clear yet: we won’t stop until we get it.”

“Jamar’s family deserves justice this Christmas, and until they get it, there will be no peace.”

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