Hours Before Kimmel Goes on… Here’s What Was Waiting for Him on His Way to Work

Over the past two years, late-night comedians have becoming increasingly political. While politics was always a source of some good material for comedians, lately that has become almost all they talk about.

A conservative street artist named “Sabo” recently took to creating posters to highlight just how ridiculous he thinks late-night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel have become, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Sabo created a series of posters targeting Kimmel  — and made sure they were placed in positions where the comedian could barely avoid them on his way to work.

The posters were placed “in tough-to-reach places near Kimmel’s home in Hollywood and near the famed Chateau Marmont Hotel,” The Hollywood Reporter noted. “Others were displayed near the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ studio on Hollywood Boulevard.”

One of them showed Kimmel with slicked-down hair, like an Italian mobster, along with the caption “Jimmy Kimmel is a cry-baby.”

Another poster was put on a bench and reads “The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour,” mocking how emotional Kimmel has gotten about various political issues on his show.

Imagine how embarrassing it was for Kimmel to see something like this.

In a separate article, The Hollywood Reporter noted that Kimmel responded to these posters by sitting on the bench with the “Estrogen Hour” comment and having his picture taken while giving the camera (and, by extension, Sabo) the middle finger.

In the article, Kimmel also encouraged “all my fellow cry babies” to support gun control. I don’t think he got the message that Sabo was trying to send.

Much like the NFL’s national anthem protest controversy, Americans are sick and tired of being told by a bunch of liberal comedians what should and should not be done in this country.

These people are entertainers — not political scientists. Their job is to make us laugh, not lecture us continuously about gun control, health care and how terrible President Donald Trump is.

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Right now, Americans just need some comedy to get through these dark times. Television viewers used to tune into late-night shows to avoid the politics of the real world — or at least get a lighter take on the current topics.

Unfortunately, a small group of narrow-minded liberals seems to think that having a television show somehow elevates them above the rest of America and proves that they know more than the rest of us.

Kimmel and his kind need to get back to comedy and leave the politics to people who actually know what they are talking about.

Or get off the air.

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