Dad of 6-Year-Old with Autism Fed Up with 'Friends' Who Never Invite Son to Parties


When you go through life with a condition that others perceive as a setback, enjoying day-to-day normalcy can become a luxury. People feel uncomfortable around you, so they “forget” to invite you or surreptitiously plan things without you.

While that’s difficult enough for an adult to deal with, it can be absolutely destructive for a child. To be constantly left out and overlooked can lead to low self-esteem and assuming that this is the way the world is, and you’re the one who has the problem.

Many times, though, it’s the people doing the leaving out who are the problem. And one dad in particular recently called them out.

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Shane Stephenson has a son, Reilly, who is 6 years old. Reilly is also nonverbal and has autism.

Shane noticed a troubling trend among his acquaintances, people he would otherwise consider friends, when he realized that his son was not merely being forgotten, but genuinely discriminated against.

And when he realized the pattern, he had to say something about it.

So he texted his group, the people he’d thought were friends, and was very direct. His message was painfully clear and involved a lot of angry-father strong language.

“Right this has been brewing for some time so here it goes and you can like it or (expletive) well lump it,” he wrote.

“My son Reilly has autism not (expletive) leprosy; he is 6 years old and my so called friends who have kids also have kids parties.

“Not ONE invite not (expletive) one. Think about that . . . have you any idea how hurtful that is?

“Just for the record in future don’t bother he’s not an after thought he my every (expletive) thought,” he concluded.

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The internet broke out into applause, both from outsiders who commiserated with Reilly’s plight and those who were or had children who had been excluded from “normal” childhood activities.

Fortunately for Reilly, his parents are loving and committed and stand up for him: the best kind of parent any kid could want.

They’re dedicated to bringing the difficulties they’ve faced with their son to the public, encouraging those who can relate and informing those who care to listen (or read).

His mom currently runs a blog and Instagram account titled “The Life of Reilly.” They share the daily struggles and joys that they experience.

Hopefully Shane’s confrontation will draw out a little conviction from those who are guilty as charged. We can all make sure to include people more than we do, to recognize the forgotten and include the overlooked, so that no one has to be an outsider.

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