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Daddy Dog Miraculous Survives 3 Weeks with Head Trapped in Bottle


Dogs who are out on the streets have to take some pretty desperate measures to stay alive sometimes.

They eat trash, get yelled at, and drink from gutters or puddles or whatever they can find. They’re often dirty, cold, and frightened.

That difficulty gets multiplied when the dog has a health condition or other handicap. One particular Labrador mix endured three weeks of misery when he got his head stuck in a plastic jug.

Maybe he was looking for something to eat when he encountered the large plastic bottle, but one thing’s for sure: he could put his head in, but he couldn’t back out again.

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So he stayed like that for three weeks until someone managed to catch him.

Pinning him down with his leg, a man tried to keep the dog still while he sawed through the side of the jug. At least he didn’t have to worry about being bitten by the terrified dog, but despite his efforts, the jug wasn’t coming off.

“I’m trying to cut a little bit — get some oxygen in there,” the man said. “We need to go and put him in the back of my truck.”

“It’s OK, baby! It’s OK. We got you, honey!” a woman off-camera promised. “Let’s get him to the vet. I’ll help pick him up.”

The people who found him were amazed that he’d survived that long without free access to food and water. They suspect that he must have managed to get some water by wading into a nearby lake and drinking what he could get in the bottle.

They rushed him to the nearest vet where the bottle was removed and he was given medical attention.

But his rescuers soon found that he had not been alone. He’d had three little ones in tow.

A black-and-white pup that they named Oreo, a yellow pup named Pringle, and a tan pup was named Dorito.

The three puppies were all happy and friendly, clearly not as scarred as their dad. Fortunately, they were adopted and found permanent homes with caring families.

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The dad, whom they named Cheeto, was progressing, and after his story went online he amassed quite the following.

Fans from all over the world sent him support and even hand-made him some items that they hoped would bring him comfort.

Cheeto was a little more reticent than his puppies and was a rather sad-looking dog, but he eventually found a home with a family who understood his needs.

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